Most Popular Recipes

  • Special Brownies

    Special Brownies

    Pot Brownies are the edible classic and in this video, Melissa shows you how to make 24 delicious, cannabis-infused brownies that will delight the taste buds and soothe the mind...

  • Marijuana Tea / Weed Tea

    Marijuana Tea / Weed Tea

    For centuries, many have wondered is it possible to turn marijuana into a tea form? Our answer is yes. Here it is for you.

  • Space Cake

    Space Cake

    The experience of enjoying these space cakes is something you will never forget.

Most Recent Recipes

  • Vanilla Canna-Custard

    Vanilla Canna-Custard

    This simple almost-traditional vanilla canna-custard will please just about anyone! Best served with anything. Best enjoyed with friends.

  • Phoenix Tears

    Phoenix Tears

    Chef Blaine Alexandr from My 420 Tours takes you through the creation of Phoenix Tears, a cannabis tincture made with grain alcohol.

  • Medicated Butternut Squash Soup

    Medicated Butternut Squash Soup

    Who is soup-er excited for the colder months? We are, thanks to this delicious heart-warming number!

Newest Blog Articles

  • The Introductory Guide to Cannabis Strains

    Cannabis is much more complex than just a weed. There's plenty of misunderstanding when it comes to cannabis strains, but it's not difficult. Grasp these fundamentals and you'll feel the effects -- literally!

  • 6 Tips for Harvesting Marijuana

    It’s an art and a science. When it comes to harvesting marijuana, you’ll need to put those botany skills to good use in order to harvest beautiful bud. Here are some tips and steps to take when harvesting cannabis.

  • 5 Places to Dine-Out and Eat Weed on the West Coast

    When our favorite ice cream store Ben & Jerry’s announced their intentions to make weed-infused ice cream, it made us hungry for cannabis and ice cream. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best spots to enjoy cannabis-infused foods (or cannabis-inspired meals) on the West Coast, from Vancouver to Colorado.

  • The Craziest Lighters

    Hard-core smokers and rock concert aficionados know that when it comes to a good lighter, personalization is everything. Here are some of the craziest lighters we’ve found.

  • Clothes You Can Smoke

    Wearable technology may be the future. First came watches, and now there are… hoodies? Just as tech companies are looking to make wearable fashion, some marijuana companies are looking to make wearable vapororizers. Blending everyday fashion with incognito smoking, are clothes you can smoke the future of the marijuana industry? We take a look at two companies who want you to smoke in style.

Random Blog Articles

  • A Historical Timeline of the Origins of Cannabis

    With the legalization of cannabis spreading globally, education is key. Part of this education is looking at the history and the origins of marijuana use. Here are some key (and surprising!) facts.

  • 12 Best Foods to Satisfy the Munchies

    The munchies are bound to happen to you some time or another, so it's best to be prepared. Here are 12 absolutely amazing foods that satisfy the munchies like no other.

  • How Hemp Repairs Damaged DNA

    There is a substantial body of scientific evidence, summed up by High Times, that suggests that hemp proteins can repair damaged DNA. How you can work more of it into your diet?

  • How To Roll A Cross Joint

    Ever since the “Cross Joint” scene in Pineapple Express, one of our favorite stoner comedies, we’ve all wondered exactly how to roll like a cannabis engineer. Take a look at these easy steps and you’ll be rolling in no time.

  • [10] Guy Memes: Our Favourites

    We've all seen a few High Guy (Stoner Stanley) memes floating around the internet, so we're recapping 10 of our personal favourites that are bound to give you a good laugh.