Most Popular Recipes

  • Special Brownies

    Special Brownies

    Pot Brownies are the edible classic and in this video, Melissa shows you how to make 24 delicious, cannabis-infused brownies that will delight the taste buds and soothe the mind...

  • Marijuana Tea / Weed Tea

    Marijuana Tea / Weed Tea

    For centuries, many have wondered is it possible to turn marijuana into a tea form? Our answer is yes. Here it is for you.

  • Space Cake

    Space Cake

    The experience of enjoying these space cakes is something you will never forget.

Most Recent Recipes

  • Vanilla Canna-Custard

    Vanilla Canna-Custard

    This simple almost-traditional vanilla canna-custard will please just about anyone! Best served with anything. Best enjoyed with friends.

  • Phoenix Tears

    Phoenix Tears

    Chef Blaine Alexandr from My 420 Tours takes you through the creation of Phoenix Tears, a cannabis tincture made with grain alcohol.

  • Medicated Butternut Squash Soup

    Medicated Butternut Squash Soup

    Who is soup-er excited for the colder months? We are, thanks to this delicious heart-warming number!

Newest Blog Articles

  • 6 Tips for Harvesting Marijuana

    It’s an art and a science. When it comes to harvesting marijuana, you’ll need to put those botany skills to good use in order to harvest beautiful bud. Here are some tips and steps to take when harvesting cannabis.

  • 5 Places to Dine-Out and Eat Weed on the West Coast

    When our favorite ice cream store Ben & Jerry’s announced their intentions to make weed-infused ice cream, it made us hungry for cannabis and ice cream. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best spots to enjoy cannabis-infused foods (or cannabis-inspired meals) on the West Coast, from Vancouver to Colorado.

  • The Craziest Lighters

    Hard-core smokers and rock concert aficionados know that when it comes to a good lighter, personalization is everything. Here are some of the craziest lighters we’ve found.

  • Clothes You Can Smoke

    Wearable technology may be the future. First came watches, and now there are… hoodies? Just as tech companies are looking to make wearable fashion, some marijuana companies are looking to make wearable vapororizers. Blending everyday fashion with incognito smoking, are clothes you can smoke the future of the marijuana industry? We take a look at two companies who want you to smoke in style.

  • Marketing 101: Planning For The Future With Your Cannabis Brand

    Widespread cannabis legalization may be decades out, but the visionaries are already hard at work preparing. As the marijuana market develops, the competition grows as more business minds realize the high stakes. What does it take to establish a leading brand that will last the test of time?

Random Blog Articles

  • Marijuana Vs. Alcohol – the Federal Government has it Wrong!

    The Federal Government has classified marijuana (Schedule I, along with heroin) as being more dangerous than cocaine or meth (Schedule II). Distilled spirits, wine, malt beverages, or tobacco aren't even considered scheduled substances, yet they do significantly greater damage.

  • Marijuana Lowers Risk of Domestic Violence

    Studies have shown, time and time again, that alcohol use increases the likelihood of domestic violence. Marijuana, however, shows the exact opposite results. Read on for more details.

  • Is Marijuana Actually Causing Your Feelings of Anxiety?

    Most marijuana users will agree that they feel better after smoking, and even after coming down from their natural high – not worse. But a recent study claims to show that smoking ganja leads to increased feelings of depression and anxiety... what's the real story?

  • Rosetta Stoner: 20 Beginner Terms

    Many terms are used improperly, share this with your first-timer friends so they get it right. Intermediate and advanced lessons to come in the future!

  • Key Differences Between CBD and THC

    Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two active ingredients in cannabis. They both belong to a unique class of compounds known as cannabinoids—here are the essential differences.