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  • Special Brownies

    Special Brownies

    Pot Brownies are the edible classic and in this video, Melissa shows you how to make 24 delicious, cannabis-infused brownies that will delight the taste buds and soothe the mind...

  • Marijuana Tea / Weed Tea

    Marijuana Tea / Weed Tea

    For centuries, many have wondered is it possible to turn marijuana into a tea form? Our answer is yes. Here it is for you.

  • Space Cake

    Space Cake

    The experience of enjoying these space cakes is something you will never forget.

Most Recent Recipes

  • Cannafalooda


    A rosy concoction with a cannabis kick! Falooda, a popular Indian drink, is improved with another lovely flower, our favorite: miss Mary Jane.

  • Jalebis


    A sugary snack native to South Asia, this cannabis-infused treat is great for serving at parties and enjoying in groups!

  • Besan Laddoo Ki Kush-y

    Besan Laddoo Ki Kush-y

    A cannabis-infused twist on laddoo, a traditional Indian treat. Perfect for parties, these ball-shaped sweets will delight your tastebuds, body, and mind!

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  • Cannabis, Pregnancy, and Breast Feeding

    In addition to the good feelings that come with being baked, marijuana enthusiasts will often bring up the many health benefits of marijuana—from treating mild pain to severe epileptic diseases. However, there is still question surrounding the impact that smoking weed has on breast feeding. Read on for a fact and fiction sheet on some of these effects.

  • Relaxation Nation: Marijuana’s Role in Tranquility

    Relaxation is very important for your mind, body and soul. Whether smoked, or eaten marijuana is an ideal assistant in the achievement of physical calmness.

  • Sex and Weed: Couples Who Smoke Together Have More Fun

    It’s true: couples who hit the bong together often have stronger relationships. Here are some of the reasons why stoner couples have a better time both inside and outside the bedroom.

  • What Are The Possible Marijuana Addictions?

    It seems the liberation of cannabis is coinciding with breakthroughs in our understanding of addiction. Watch Dr. Sanjay Gupta explain marijuana addiction.

  • 9 Jobs that Legalized Marijuana Would Create

    Marijuana is becoming a huge industry in Colorado & Washington. With any industry, there'll be a need for skilled workers; here are 9 existing jobs that will be more in demand as the industry grows.