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  • Special Brownies

    Special Brownies

    Pot Brownies are the edible classic and in this video, Melissa shows you how to make 24 delicious, cannabis-infused brownies that will delight the taste buds and soothe the mind...

  • Marijuana Tea / Weed Tea

    Marijuana Tea / Weed Tea

    For centuries, many have wondered is it possible to turn marijuana into a tea form? Our answer is yes. Here it is for you.

  • Canna Oil

    Canna Oil

    Any affordable virgin olive oil works nicely for this recipe. If you plan on using your Canna Oil for salad dressings or pasta, we recommend you use a fruity extra-virgin olive oil.

Most Recent Recipes

  • Garlic-Herb Cannabutter

    Garlic-Herb Cannabutter

    This is a garlic-herb compound butter made using cannabutter and a number of fresh herbs and seasonings. It goes particularly well with our Tomahawk Ribeye recipe.

  • Tomahawk Ribeye

    Tomahawk Ribeye

    The tomahawk rib eye (also called a cowboy rib eye) is a rib steak with the entire rib bone left intact. The bone is trimmed of meat and fat, making for an impressive presentation

  • Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie

    Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie

    Take your celebrations to another level this thanksgiving with this amazing, infused, pumpkin pie. You won't regret it!

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  • No Laws Broken But Medical Marijuana Growers Face Prison

    An entire family of medical marijuana growers is headed for prison despite not breaking any laws

  • How To Decarboxylate Your Weed

    If you ingest cannabis and want the full psychoactive effect, you need to first decarboxylate your cannabis before you cook with it. Here is the complete guide.

  • Mini Joints – Bigger Is Not Always Better?

    Contrary to popular belief, smoking more weed than normal will not necessarily get you any higher. So have you considered mini joints to get the perfect high without wasting your precious herb?

  • 5 Stoner Life Hacks You Need to Know

    Being a stoner has its life challenges. Luckily, we're here to make it just that much easier for you with a few handy tricks. Check out this list of hacks from High Times.

  • Georgia Loves Weed, Here’s Why

    The fight to legalize medical marijuana in the Peach State, which currently has some of the most punitive laws regarding weed possession, has seen a lot of progress in the past year. The following are just some of the reasons why more and more Georgians are supporting decriminalization of the plant.