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  • Special Brownies

    Special Brownies

    Pot Brownies are the edible classic and in this video, Melissa shows you how to make 24 delicious, cannabis-infused brownies that will delight the taste buds and soothe the mind...

  • Marijuana Tea / Weed Tea

    Marijuana Tea / Weed Tea

    For centuries, many have wondered is it possible to turn marijuana into a tea form? Our answer is yes. Here it is for you.

  • Space Cake

    Space Cake

    The experience of enjoying these space cakes is something you will never forget.

Most Recent Recipes

  • Toasted Rooster Crescent Rolls

    Toasted Rooster Crescent Rolls

    There is nothing like that warm golden smell that fills the house while Crescent Rolls bake in the oven. Keep that warm feeling going by toasting your baked good with our chocolate!

  • CannaBanana Bread French Toast

    CannaBanana Bread French Toast

    Chef Blaine Alexandr (My 420 Tours) show us how to make a Sunday brunch classic with lift: weed-infused banana bread french toast.

  • Ganja-Infused, Gluten-Free Granola

    Ganja-Infused, Gluten-Free Granola

    Perfect as a light breakfast with yogurt or midday snack, this is an easy, guilt-free option for medicating with cannabis.

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    The world is changing and we are sure that we will continue to see more legalization movements in the decade ahead. We are definitely looking forward to Germany's movement kickstarting into gear—here's what's happening in the Germany marijuana movement right now.

  • Craziest Marijuana Hoax Stories

    Mostly due to prohibition, cannabis has often had a pretty tough stigma to overcome. From Planet Marijuana to Reefer Madness, here are some of the craziest marijuana hoax stories.

  • Marijuana Delivery, a Realistic Future?

    Weed delivery isn't new—weed dealers that delivered for a premium date back to the grass roots era. However, the industry is changing... So what does the future of weed delivery look like?

  • The Not-So-Great Side of Smoking Cannabis You Should Know

    Although smoking marijuana has yet to be linked to cancer in humans, this method of consumption can do some damage to your respiratory system (as inhaling the smoke of anything could). Here are some things to keep in mind next time you decide to light up.

  • 7 Great Cannabis Recipes You Don’t Hear About

    You can infuse anything with cannabis. Seriously, we know—we've tried. From Marijuana Lobster Rolls to Cannabis Hummus, here are seven of the more unconventional marijuana recipes that you can try at home.

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