Best cleanest Pot butter

Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

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1 lbs. Unsalted Sweet Cream Butter.
1 OZ. Marijuana, Finely ground (Adjust as desired, I used mids)


1. Bring enough water to cover the marijuana to a rapid boil.

2. Drop your marijuana in the water, leave for 10 seconds then strain out the buds. Discard the water. (we do this step to clean some of the dirt and who knows what else off the bud, THC is not h20 soliable so it will not effect your potencey, it will just create a better product..)

3. Melt the butter, on medium heat. If your butter turns brown or black you burnt it start over.

4. Place you marijuana in the butter ( be careful if its still moist from the water you are going to have some popping, so it is best to use a tall stock pot.)

5. Let the buds poach in the butter. That mean don't have your heat so high the butter is simmering but very close to a simmer. Leave this sit. I like to do it overnight. But after 2 hours you should be able to strain the buds from the butter, and have some of the best bud butter you'll ever cook with.

The reason most canna foods taste horrible is because when, you make the butter, most people use to much heat and the bud come out of the butter looking like black crumbs. Leaving the butter sit at a warm temp. will keep your butter tasting like it should.
Time in Kitchen:
Number of servings:
Difficulty level: Easy
77 votes
Views: 50,507
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questioner 12.01.2012
how much butter does it come out to?

scnikker 12.02.2011
do any or all of the trimmings from bud to stalk "have" to be dried or can they be boiled when still green

CannaBaker 18.11.2010
I used 1oZ killer Haze shake, and 1Lb of unsalted butter. I also used 1/2 oZ of Bubble Gum Bud and 1 lb of unsalted butter in another pot. Very low heat for 8 to 10 Hrs Stirred every Hr. Both kinds turned out KILLER. 1 Tblsp final product of each type got me Super Medicinaly Baked. This person is very correct in the recipe. Ive used the same type of methed for 29 years, Now im a leagle card holder, I love the U.S.A. and Seattle Wa. Thanks Sisters and Brothers.

ure bby sotnner :) 30.06.2010
okay what if im only tryna make enough for one person?

noob stoner 14.06.2010
Hey question. you said to used finely ground herb. But then you keep saying to strain out the buds, if you finely grind it there shouldn't be buds in there. right?

itsadris420 12.04.2010
depends on what you're going to use it in, mite make whatever else you're making more salty.

lil wayne 18.03.2010
hey does it matter if the butter is salted or not? cause all i have is salted...will it make a signifigent diference?

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