Bud Rice Krispie Treats

This is the easy way to make crispy-yet-gooey Rice Krispie Treats. There is one secret to making perfect Rice Krispie Treats: you have to melt the butter slooowly so that it doesn't burn.

This recipe uses BUD BUTTER / CANNABUTTER - See the recipe here
Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

Time in Kitchen: 10 minsP0H10M
Number of servings: 12
Difficulty level: Easy
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¼ cup of cannabutter 
5 cups of rice krispies or cocoa rice crispies
4 cups of mini marshmallows

Spatula or wax paper
13 x 9 inch pan (or similar size)


  1. Slooowly melt Cannabutter in large saucepan over low heat. 
  2. Add the mini marshmallows and stir until melted and well-blended
  3. Cook for 2 minutes longer, stirring constantly. 
  4. Remove from heat.
  5. Add cereal and stir until until completely coated in the mixture.
  6. Using a buttered spatula or waxed paper, press the mixture evenly and firmly in buttered 13 x 9 inch pan. 
  7. Once cooled, cut into 2 x 2 inch squares
  8. Eat and fly..
You can store store these delicious stoner-morsels in the fridge for up to a week. Be sure to cover with plastic wrap or store in an airtight container.
Time in Kitchen: 10 minsP0H10M
Number of servings: 12
Difficulty level: Easy
588 votes
Views: 330,013
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  • Contains marijuana


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Timble 25.05.2015
May have been posted already which I'm sure it has, but another never hurts right? Well anyway put some M&M's in them WoW what a great sugar rush!! And it tastes good Lol

jlc420 15.02.2015
Going to make some right now might first time making my own canna butter last night was really impressed..... Plus its storming really bad so what better thing to do the to make a few treats and enjoy the day watching movies with Mary :). I think it will be really awesome seeing how many people tried or has done this and enjoyed it so much.... Thanks....

cstro420 04.01.2015
how long exactly and at what temp do you bake these bad boys at? i tried it a few times with regular, fruity and choco krispies all varied but hella good regardless.

Chef CanaVegan 07.12.2014
Anyone ever try this recipe with oil? Speciaifically coconut oil. Please let me know how that works out.

ashlanexo 24.11.2014
I use half rice krispie treats, and half fruity pebbles... SO good! And drizzled with chocolate or peanut butter on the regular rice krispies are delicious.

StonerGirl109 06.11.2014
This is a really good treat!!! my brother and i make these all the time!!!

Cali Girl 03.08.2014
Fruity Pebbles, marshmallows, and weed? Yummers, will have to make today!

ChiliBu 14.03.2014
try melting a mars bar or snickers bar in if you want to really rock your taste..buds!

memaw 15.08.2013
I use cocoa rice crispness and brownie flavored marshmallows yummmy

sweetmama 20.10.2012
How much of each ingredient???

Treat Eater 420 23.06.2012
I used Coco Rice Krispys. One word ”delishincredaamazemunch”!

bdag 20.12.2011
how much weed should i put with the butter?

Nori 23.11.2011
You don't say...

Slizz 20.11.2011
how many did this make?

selenagomez 19.10.2011
this is the coolest and most dilisious treats i ever tasted

yippiehippie 22.09.2011
can you switch the butter for hash oil?

Amazon 13.09.2011
I'm going to make some right now!

whoisthis 26.07.2011
The only way to really enjoy bud butter has been found. The final stages for perfecting bud butter is with coconut as natural fat absorbing the best stuff.
Try to figure in how the milk of a coconut would benefit a dressing for brownies.

amesja420 29.06.2011
i made this word i was so high:0

That guy 07.06.2011
How much butter is too much? I never can tell til after I've eaten to much!

daddygreenjeans 23.05.2011
try mixing it up the fruity pebbles, coco krispies, or flavored marshmallows (choc marshmellows + coco krispies = unbelievable) when mixing i use 2.5 cups rice crispies and 3.5 cups of the other

LL Kush 18.05.2011
I Greased the bottom of The Pan W/ The BudButter it works GREAT also leaves a little layer on bottom Of Treats.... Very YUMMY...

DankEMA 15.03.2011
Dude, try using coconut oil instead of butter. FREAKING AMAZING! Tastes better and the coconut oil absorbs more THC. AMAZING!

Detroit Hillbilly 18.02.2011
I found the perfect recipe! Mix up yur batch of butter by using clippings from trimmin yur buds when they are ready to harvest. Take 3 cups mini marshmellows and put in microwave safe bowl. Add 1/4 cup butter. Pop it in the microwave for like 42 seconds and stir. Stir it up and do it again until all marshmellows are melted and hot to touch. Add 2 cups fruity pebbles (fruit loops works good too). Mix that magic delight up real good and press down in a lightly Pam greased pan. Let cool for a half hour, and the flip the pan over on a cutting board (it will take 7 seconds upside down to fall out). Cut with Pizza cutter, and.... I forgot what I was gonna say...

renotsangie 07.12.2010
I cant wait to MAKE THESE fruity pebbles n cocoa pebbles OH YEAH thank U :) funny if you dont know what a 13x9 pan is u might need a cooking buddy lol :) so just melt the bud butter I already have in a pan with the marshmellows :) tomorrows gonna be a gOOOD NIGHT :)

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