Canna Gummies

Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

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1/2 c cold water
1 lg sugarfree jello flavor
4 envelopes gelatin
4 tablespoons tincture
oil spray


spray molds lightly and wipe with paper towel leaving very little oil
Mix Jello flavor and 4 envelopes gelatin with wisk. Add 1/2 cup cold water and wisk in pan. Bring to boil 5 minutes on low. Take off heat and add 4 tablespoons tincture mixing well. Pour into molds carefully. Refridgerate 5 minutes to set. Peel out and eat. Do not try to sugar coat.
Time in Kitchen:
Number of servings:
Difficulty level: Easy
177 votes
Views: 73,540
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mystery 03.07.2015
I would like to know why you have to use sugar free jello. Also since I am using Dragons Blood do I need to add the water at all?

The Stoner Chef 07.04.2015
Not all recipes use cannabutter - this recipe medicates the gummies using a cannabis tincture:
4 tablespoons tincture
You could use Phoenix Tears or Honey Tincture (look in our Extractions section)

Tego 07.04.2015
Hi this receipe is called canna gummies but i dont see in the recipe where you can use canna butter can you please advise when and how you use the canna butter in this recipe

Tainiyela 12.10.2014
Could I use a honey tincture?

Moon 13.05.2014
how many servings does this recipe make?

Happy Housewife 26.04.2014
Great recipe! I added a tablespoon of flavoring to improve the taste. Thanks for sharing!

D-ran 28.12.2013
Is it possible to add finely ground green instead of a tincture?

blah 18.09.2013
tincture must be made with anything over 150 proof. putting bud into captain morgan will not yield a tincture. green dragon is good while everclear would be better, but it's harsh.

KushInc 06.06.2013
To all of you still asking where the weed is or how you add it - look up what Tincture is!

ryan187 02.04.2013
the tincture is the weed. obviously u don't smoke enough weed. research before u try to talk bad bout these people

bjhi 03.03.2013
maybe you cud just soak a pack of gummies in some green dragon?

benzel718 08.01.2013
Where the weed in the recipe?? Smdh... must be so high they forgot

jugg 05.01.2013
all you got to do is make thc liqour and add it into the recipe.

kwb163 05.01.2013
just use the highest grain alcohol you can buy. 190 everclear is my recommendation but i'm sure 160 would be fine.

Bigtimestoner 28.12.2012
Can I use captain Morgan to make tincture

Kannabis Kay 24.12.2012
Tincture is a glycerin that's medicated with weed.

Joshaundra 22.12.2012
Yeah, where you put the weed in? This doesn't sound like an easy recipe you'd use canna butter with..

Deej 14.12.2012
Where did you add the buds? What's tincture?

couchtater 06.12.2012
Why can't I add sugar?

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