Cannabis Milk

Yet another way to consume weed is by making Canna Milk or also called Marijuana Milk. Check out this easy recipe and have a tea with milk that will really get you high..

Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

Time in Kitchen: 60 minsP0H60M
Number of servings: 4-6
Difficulty level: Easy
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1 cup/250ml Whole Milk or Cream
1/8oz or 3.5g of finely ground cannabis
Weed grinder



  1. Be sure to grind your weed very fine. It will work better this way
  2. Add the milk and cannabis to a pan at a medium heat.
  3. Let the milk come to a boil, and then simmer for an hour. Remember to stir it and be careful because milk can overflow a pot if there’s too much heat.
  4. Let the Canna Milk cool
  5. Strain the milk through cheese cloth
  6. Store an airtight container and keep refrigerated.
Note: the milk will still go off like normal milk would. So use it before the use by date.
Time in Kitchen: 60 minsP0H60M
Number of servings: 4-6
Difficulty level: Easy
911 votes
Views: 290,654
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  • Contains marijuana
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Megaman4200 01.03.2015
So can you use 2% milk for this recipe?

Megaman4200 01.03.2015
So can you use 2% milk for this recipe?

tenfour 08.01.2015
Heating the Milk and the herb will Decarb it just fine. Might be smartes to do this in a double broiler though.

werstheweedat 06.01.2015
Hey everyone happy burning.... quick question... do i have to decarb the bud before putting it in the milk???

paulee 30.12.2014
Hi I usually make canna butter but when I was out shopping saw some hemp milk. Do you think it would work? Going to try it tomorrow for Christmas cake with half o of stalk and 1-2g of bud on 350ml of hemp milk .and also does the milk evaporate? Thanks for any help

Modrox 02.11.2014
Terrible idea. Dont use Vitamin D milk. It just curdled.

Modrox 02.11.2014
Trying this with Vitamin D milk tonight. Only like 4 grams of some ground up stems and a little bud. Should be enough to relax me.

Flakaa 27.10.2014
Does this recipe smell? Lol also how much bud do I need to Buy to make just a cup of milk?

Starflower 22.09.2014
What temperature would you recommend simmering this at?

hellfire81or84 14.09.2014
@ThaaGirraSaurus, there is definitely a smell! Smells great, but smells like buds for sure. What I am wondering is if I need to decarboxylate (?) the bud first since it is boiled with the milk and then simmered for an go r. Thanks, and keep cooking!

slanty_eyes 14.09.2014
mrs.spacley its one cup of milk per 3.5 grams of weed so i dont think that it would get you stonned

MissLilyMae 28.08.2014
Does anyone think I could use Heavy Whipping Cream to make this and then use that to make frosting? (:

mrs.spacely 20.08.2014
so if i do 4 grams with 4 cups of milk how long would i let it simmer?

mrs.spacely 20.08.2014
so a gram per cup of milk is a good a rule right?

highgirlSA 03.08.2014
@Blu - how much for the "Kei milk"? And do you have a contact number of someone whom I can get hold off?

stonerboy619 31.07.2014
can i strain the excess marijuana ,,let it dry, then smoke it?

Blu 27.07.2014
in South Africa there is a wild place called the Transkei. The locals make something similar called "Kei milk" basically a 50 gallon drum on a fire, filled with goats milk and a 50kg bag of Marijuana. Every thing included, roots, sand the entire bush or rather bushes. This is boiled for about 3 or 4 days and served in a callibash.

ThirdDay 26.07.2014
When I make my milk I use a coffee filter and make a tea bag or an herb infuser. I also always us a double boiler because milk does scorch so easily.

The Stoner Chef 20.07.2014
ZombiEraser I've updated the recipe to make it a bit clearer, cheers

ZombiEraser 20.07.2014
Where's the straining of the plant matter? Nut a huge fan of chunks of soppy plant in my milk. Can i strain this similar to how i prepare my butter? Controlling dosage is the same as well i imagine.

ThaaGirraSaurus 20.07.2014
My main worry about trying any of these recipes is the smell. Does this recipe produce a lot?

blvck 18.07.2014
Yeah Debower said and also because of you haven't taken that thc in, in so long like was your first time again plus the potency of weed.

indicafox 14.07.2014
Made the Canna Milk, bringing to the boil and then simmering for an hour. Used about a gram of good quality Lemon Kush. The milk reduced down a lot and a skin kept forming on top of it, as expected - I got paranoid about losing THC this way so ate the skin, which was pretty gross. Turns out it's just denatured proteins so probably would have been acceptable to throw it away, still, waste not want not. To complement the lemon-y flavour after an hour I threw in an Earl Grey tea bag, a dessert-spoonful of honey, a drop of vanilla essence (actual pods would obviously have been ideal here) and a pinch of dried ginger, topping it all off with about half a mug full of boiling water. After about ten minutes further brewing in the pan at a low temperature I got a pretty tasty concoction, perfect for the morning wake 'n bake.

DeBower 10.07.2014
Germangirlwithcurls: to me it sounds like you took too much the into your body. That's pretty characteristic with having edibles that are to strong for you to handle. It's happened to me before, if it really is a lush (which is an indica strain) it should give you that couch lock feeling and help you sleep. Sativas are more for daytime use, just make sure you get an India strain if you want help with sleeping. Also if you don't feel much of an effect its usually a bad idea to have more. Edibles tend to have a delayed reaction, so taking more before the previous dose reaches is effect can cause what happened to you. If done properly, Marijuana can be wonderful for relaxation and pain relief along with many other issues. Good luck! (and yes strains are much stronger now than in the past)

germangirlwithcurls 07.07.2014
Okay. I made this on Friday night and could STILL feel it running through my blood yesterday. Maybe I am way too sensitive. I haven't smoked in ten years. But I have lots of joint pain and achiness due to both hashimoto's and fibro. I LOOK very healthy and young (I'm 33 and look like I'm still in my 20's), but I feel like crap physically. Tired of pain pills. Gave this a go. I brewed .25 oz in 2 cups of coconut milk (not the full-fat kind in the can, but the So Delicious brand - still good fat content at 5g per serving). Ground up the weed (I was told I had a really good kush...I don't even know what that means, LOL...weed was just weed back in high school in the 90's) in my NutriBullet to a fine flour almost. Steeped in the milk for an hour exactly, strained, and then put two Tbsp in a matcha green tea latte. Drank it, waited a while, and felt a bit of a body high, but not really much else. Was very relaxed, but then I could feel it wearing off. Worried I didn't steep my weed long enough, I took another 2 Tbsp with some almond milk and called it a night. I fell asleep on the couch for about 20 minutes. In this 20 minutes an uncontrollable high to blast all highs set in. I woke up feeling like I was floating about my body. It was insane. My heart was pounding, I was sweating, and I could not feel my feet, even walking and trying to move around. Tried to sleep. Pointless. Tossed and turned utnil 2am. Had to wake up for work at 6am. Oy. Woke up high as fuuuurrrrck. LOL. Came down just enough to operate my car and drive three miles to work (thank goodness and live and work in the city, no highway driving). But I was definitely feeling the "time has slowed down feeling" all day. I swear I must have been high for at least 15 hours. And on Sunday I could still feel a body high. If I had to compare it, it would be like an ecstacy high almost, but coming down didn't suck like it does with synethic drugs. In fact, I felt fine. Just really insanely high. Do I just need to adjust the amount I'm taking? Like maybe start with a freaking teaspoon?? And since when can a person not sleep with THC? Weed used to put me to sleep like nobody's business back in high school. Are the strains just insanely strong now? Help...

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