Cannabis Vodka

This cannabis-infused vodka can be used to replace vodka in any number of cocktail recipes. For those that appreciate a simple drink, try adding the cannabis vodka to orange or cranberry juice.

Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

Time in Kitchen: Over 4 DaysOver 4 Days
Number of servings: 12
Difficulty level: Easy
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8 grams cannabis
750 milliliters (a fifth) of vodka


  1. Grind the cannabis and add to vodka. Store in a cool, dark place for 4 days, shaking vigorously every day.
  2. On the fourth day, boil a large pot. Once it’s boiling turn off the heat and sit the sealed bottle of vodka in the hot water for 30 minutes. The water level should not cover the top of the bottle. Psychoactive ingredients in the cannabis will activate and infuse the alcohol.
  3. Strain the vegetable matter out of the vodka. Discard the leaves and use the vodka to make your favorite cocktail!
Time in Kitchen: Over 4 DaysOver 4 Days
Number of servings: 12
Difficulty level: Easy
727 votes
Views: 465,415
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  • Contains marijuana


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redhed 21.05.2015
I used some special bud into everclear...3 months on june 6th! I shake every day, I will strain thru cheese cloth and add 4 drops or so to an iced tea. Helps with foot pain from arthritis. We call this tincture here in the great green state of Wa.

gkingofsparta: I just made some with turned out great. I have also not thrown away any of the clippings. I am putting them in a brownie. I will post if there was anything left in them. Stage3OCS(ovarian cancer survivor)

gkingofsparta 19.01.2015
Hi there, newbie here. Very newbie... Silly question but being a newbie I feel I can ask a potential obvious question.
Does the cannabis have to be decarboxylated before adding to the vodka or does the boiling at step 2 take care of that?
Many thanks.

T.J.R 15.12.2014
I have had my mixture for just over 3 years now and have been adding stalk, bud, trims etc each week every week. the solution is just pure cloud.. is this safe to drink or is there a method i should know ?

quiet kid 05.12.2014
How long can you keep it last after you boil it?

Marenia 09.10.2014
Ima try this n about 2 months when I'm not pregnant and done with my 6 weeks of breast feeding! Can't wait!!!

Cid 11.09.2014
Could you decarb the ground bud before putting it in the vodka, so you don't have to heat the alcohol mixture at the end??? Also, I've read that when making oil or tincture, if you freeze your herb and alcohol before combining them to strip the THC from the plant matter, you won't get a bunch of chlorophyl in your tincture... would this also work with the vodka infusion? Could you stick it in the freezer for a few weeks, shake it every day, and have an end product that's not quite so herby tasting? Just random question... LOL

Vahid8 15.07.2014
That's HI!

hondure├▒oceiba 17.02.2014
Tipo giffiti

pippi 25.11.2013
will this also work for Rhum?

bigboy 30.09.2013
If you take one shot will it show up on a drug test

Ronny02 09.09.2013
I was wondering if you can put the seeds in there as well. I have had some stems from some reggs I got a while back. Should I save them or put them in the potka?

buttery baps 18.04.2013
i had an ounce bag full of stems from ounces i had been selling when i was younger and i packed them all into a 250cl bottle of vodka it had been fermenting for about a year and a half and then i flitered it out in to an empty water bottle and thats been fermenting for about another year and a half and now it smells like paint thinner, does anybody know if it is okay to drink because i had a few shots of it at a party before i filtered it out and it pretty much knocked me out?

Thrash 22.10.2012
This is called Potka, and I have been doing it for years. Depending on the amount of stems/weed you use it can be possible to make more than batch using the same stock. The longer it sits the stronger it will be. I prefer to shake the mixture every couple days.

stayfashionable 14.08.2012
In this process you will dissolve the THC into the alcohol. First of all you dry your weed a little so that it doesnt need to be in the alcohol that long for the THC to get out. If you are using both stems and buds, separate them now because you want to extract from the stems first to get more efficiency. Chop/grind the weed into very small pieces but large enough to filter out. (You do not want to use a blender). Now, we first do the stems and leaves. After that you repeat it with the buds. If you didn't separate them from buds, don't care too much about it. Put the chopped weed into the alcohol, and heat it up. DOnt let it boil YET. Keep it warm with a lid on the pan for like 10-20 minutes. Afther that is done, poor it through coffy filters (or T-shirts) multiple times until it is a clear solution. This solution contains around 85%-90% of the THC that was inside the weed. Reed step 3 or have fun with it :P

dug 02.08.2012
I agree to leave it longer than a week, i normally give it a month! then chuck it in the freezer before consumption, nice and chilled..

vencejo 16.07.2012
Last year I dried all my trimmings (not the main leaves); came to 240grammes, fine ground the lot, put it into 2 litres of vodka and shook the bottles every day for a month.
Next I strained the solid stuff out and rewashed with more vodka.
Result: 2 75cl bottles of brown liquid, one shot straight or mixed (Red Bull works quick!)is enough to get trashed for a couple of hours!

Ted 27.04.2012
This does work. THC is fat and alcohol soluble; the alcohol extracts the THC and holds it in a solution for your consuming pleasure. You use alochol as a solvent when making certain types of hash as well

aspiringbro 23.02.2012
just adding stems or bud to vodka wont do anything for you

DeadSeer 19.01.2012
So...nobody has an answer? How much dark vaped weed needed for a 2-6 of cannabis vodka?

kush man 13.01.2012
will it get you high?

O.M.G 02.01.2012
don,t forget the gummy bears ......goooood.....G.M.G

O.M.G 02.01.2012
Hey vodka gummy bears try them yum good stoner and drunk. .The recipe for the vodka is at the top of the this page .All that is missing is the soaking gummy bears from 12 to 24 hour ENJOY........O.M.G

Deadseer 01.01.2012
How much dark vapourized bud would be needed to make a 2-6 of cannabis vodka?

curlmahn 13.12.2011
ahhhh yeeaaaaaaaa stoners :-x

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