counterstrike cookies

Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

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Difficulty level: Easy
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#1.normal store bought cookie mix(18 cookies preferably vanilla)
#2.32g Swazi
#3.32g 5g afghan
#4.36g cooking chocolate/milk chocolate
#5. A SERIOUS PASSION FOR GAMING!!! (especially counterstrike)

Directions bought Mix up cookie mix adding powdered Swazi
#2.follow cooking instructions on mix to the letter!
#3.then while it`s baking melt chocolate on stove plate in pot placed in a slightly bigger pot off water at 6 degrees placing in it adding a teaspoon of icing sugar and powdered afghan for until melted then turn plate off.
#4.when cookies are done and cool turn plate back on until chocolate is once again hot.
#5.then dip one half of cookie in chocolate (obviously do the same to all of them)
#6. place on greased paper and allow to cool and harden.
#6. EAT!(and get as high as a motherfucker!)
Time in Kitchen:
Number of servings:
Difficulty level: Easy
44 votes
Views: 20,048
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bushweedcorntrash 16.12.2009
what are the minimum requirements?

Highguy 23.11.2009
no, in vizta, unlike XP, it iz not pozzible to bake cookiez in dah CD-rom. I tried and everything got f***ed!

Noob 12.07.2009
im running vista is this compatible?

bugguy 12.07.2009
no, you need the call of duty cookies, which are made of chocolate.

mrbaker 03.07.2009
damn sounds good at least
but will this work with call of duty?? :)

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