easy potdog

Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

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Difficulty level: Easy
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grated chedder
1/4 gram fine ground pot
hotdog bun


put hot dog in bun with your grated cheese add pot and nuke for a minute. let cool and enjoy!
Time in Kitchen:
Number of servings:
Difficulty level: Easy
51 votes
Views: 20,582
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johnny 21.01.2011
I Tryed putting it in butter, for our microwave popcorne.45 .sec max.verry happy with results

furkyur 15.02.2010
I reallllly want to make this. I think I shall do it whenever I get weed next. BUTTTTTT what would be great for putting on top of this hot dog as well?

Morny 15.12.2009
Hehe, oh right...

Cathryn Lee 01.08.2009
Nuke the hotdog and warm the bun. Mix the shredded cheese and weed in a bowl and sprinkle onto but, put hotdog on, then put more on top. It's like a chili dog. And it melts without nuking the weed. AND MESSES. YOU. UP.

b bluntzz 16.07.2009
im doin iit rightt nooww good ideaa ...

JackSquat 15.07.2009
the microwave should not destroy very much thc, although it will degrade some of it into other cannabinoids that will make you feel more dreamy than high. I have put green in the microwave for longer than a minute without any real problems, although the less the better.

seattlite 09.07.2009
this will not get you high. the microwave will vaporize all thc.

grady 25.06.2009
it sure is!

rpoe 22.06.2009
is this legit?

joe toker 22.06.2009
i like nacho cheese!!! but GREAT recipe!!!

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