Canacrackers! The quickest and easiest way to consume weed. Learn how to whip up a batch.

Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

Time in Kitchen: 15 minsP0H15M
Number of servings: 2
Difficulty level: Easy
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0.4 - 0.6g cannabis
8 saltine crackers
Organic Peanut butter (non-hydrogenated!)


Spread peanut butter on the tops of all 8 crackers. I use organic, crunchy peanut butter. The crunchy kind seems to have more peanut oil, and just tastes better. Don't buy the stuff thats loaded with 'huge' peanut chunks, its hard to spread on crackers. The ideal brand of p-butter you want is Adam's Natural Peanut Butter (the smooth kind), its loaded with plenty of cannabinoid absorbing peanut oil. If your options are limited, just go with a natural peanut butter (look for jars that have oil resting on top of the peanut butter). DO NOT BUY PEANUT BUTTERS LIKE 'JIF' AND 'SKIPPY'. We can't stress this enough, you will not get buzzed if you use those brands.
Cut your bud up into a fine dust with scissors. I would recomend using scissors (or a nice grinder), as the scissors can cut your bud into a fine consistency. This nug is weighs about .6g. This is the consistency/size of the clippings you want, again, cut those nugs up really well. Small, un-cut chunks will just result in the absorption of the active cannabinoids on the outer layer of the chunk, leaving the core un-exposed to those thc-hungry peanut oils. Next, sprinkle the cannabis "dust" very finely across the full peanutbuttered surface of four of the crackers (make sure you dont pile it up, just cover the surface of the peanut butter). It is very important that your cannabis is cut up into almost powdery consistency. This allows the THC and other active cannabinoids to absorb into the peanut oil easily. Next, sandwich the weed/peanut butter side with the plain peanut butter side. Make sure the weed is nestled in between the peanut butter nicely Now place your C-Crackers on a sheet and cook them in a preheated oven at 320 fahrenheit (160 Celsius) for 22 minutes. There shouldn't be a problem with the smell, just make sure the pot is nestled in the peanut butter, and that none if it is exposed. ENJOY!
Time in Kitchen: 15 minsP0H15M
Number of servings: 2
Difficulty level: Easy
915 votes
Views: 465,889
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sticky fingaz 22.05.2015
I use skippy peanut butter got 16 grams fat and 3 saturated fat works great u bake it for 20 mins ar 320 dont go ne more or any less 45 mins later ull will be flying high my friends for 6 plus hours depending on the strain u use :) enjoy

grfd 29.04.2015
can you do this with bud that's been vaped?

gangakid420 26.04.2015
Natural peanut butter doesn't work any better, they all have the same amount of fat as Jif and Skippy, 16 gs. Actually the natural brands don't work as good as the name brands because it's so liquidy it doesn't hold it's shape and is really hard to smear on crackers with weed. I tried it first with Adam's Natural Peanut Butter like you said and it came out crappy,I tried it again with Skippy and it worked way better. It's kind of annoying that you stress that Skippy and Jif will not work when they in fact work much better.

BrodyK 21.04.2015
Made 2 yesterday and followed exact instructions..ate 1 and within 2 hours was feeling great!
This is the best recipe!
I have made these a couple of times before but this recipe is perfect. Def decarb before you make them, and I had a bowl of cereal 3 hours before I ate it. I have read eating on an empty stomach gives better results and I agree. Enjoy!

Kornholio 09.04.2015
Made and consumed about 50 min ago, pretty delicious. Decarbed 2g's in a muffin tray. Used crunchy organic peanut butter as OP suggested. Made 4 4x4 saltine cracker treats. Recently caught myself pacing in and out of rooms forgetting why i even got off the couch in the first place. 10/10 would do again

Hype 07.04.2015
So do you decarb the bud and then cook it at 320degrees for 22 minutes?

Magic101 12.03.2015
To anyone doing this, you need to make sure to decarboxylate your weed before you put it on the crackers/biscuits. I do this by simply grinding up the weed and putting it in the oven for 20 minutes on 100C fan/120C non-fan. Another suggestion from someone who eats these more or less every day, using chocolate biscuits instead of crackers is amazing, nice peanut butter and chocolate middle (hobnobs are preferred imo). Hope this helps :)

PrincessKush89 22.02.2015
Decarbed a little over a gram. Used ritz and natural peanut butter. Followed this recipe except I wrapped mine in foil for baking. Pretty good results after one an half crackers and about two hours in and feeling floaty but not tripping like others say.

jonguyface 29.01.2015
Is the smell like insanely bad with these? Like how noticeable?

missihippie 18.01.2015
Just made one of these with a g of some choice bud, Graham crackers and nutella. Decarbed the bud for about 45 min on 240. Wrapped it up in foil and baked it on 300 for 25 min. Just took it out of the freezer after a 10 min rest. Prob eat it pretty soon. I'll post my experience afterward.

Audio_Guy_315 15.01.2015
I used this recipe, but instead of saltine crackers, I used Ritz. I did use the non-hydrogenated PB, but I also added a layer of Nutella, for extra fat, and better flavor. Decarbed the flower, and 2 did me in great. 1 I would recommend for new users to edibles.

Beginner stoner 29.11.2014
Would weed leaf work for this? as i have heaps!

bubdubs 10.11.2014
I've only gotten high a couple times, out of the 6ish previous attempts, eating firecrackers.
Yesterday I followed the directions w/o decarbing, ate just shy of two grams on an empty stomach and didnt feel much but tired for essentially the whole day.
I have a gram left and am decarbing it now. Will reattempt blastoff @ 1400 hours

The Stoner Chef 19.10.2014
Scroll to the top of the page and read the message in red :)

phillystoner84 19.10.2014
How do you decarb your bud?

skatemental420 13.10.2014
I am living abroad in China and I wanted to make some quick edibles so I used this recipe. For starters i used Skippy- since i dont have too many options here and it worked just fine (meaning that i was FLYING HIGH) - I found that "decarbing" the weed before makes a HUGE difference. I did it this way first and found it nice but when i decarbed my weed it made a big difference on the high. Over all a good quick way to make edibles without having to make butter.

dgagne7373 28.09.2014
synapse5150 --the recipe says to cook at 320 f, this will decarb it plenty, you may still want to decarb first if you want a more psycho active effect. Now, the recipe calls for 320 f, however, the latent heat of vaporization for this oils is 318 f, should your over be off by even a few degrees, you stand to start vaping off the oil. The higher above 318, the faster the oil will come off. This operates on a logarithmic scale, so it's best to heat your oven no higher than 300

synapse5150 16.09.2014
Do you have to decarboxylate The weed first?

Megalodon 04.08.2014
How crunchy does this get? I have braces so I have to be careful... I can handle crackers but it's a bit of a struggle sometimes. Could I do this on some good bread that won't get too hard?

lisa.demonic.angel 29.07.2014
ooooh my god! i made these this afternoon and slowly munched on them all through work, then after my shift i had a spif and f*ck, love it man! its like a slow build up and an explosive climax... im still hiiiiigh!

Midnight_Toker 23.07.2014
Sounds like something I must try always looking for new things to try

jokke_beton 13.07.2014
does this work with nutella?

Shy Dragon 02.07.2014
lol it worked :) happy stoner

snopy 30.06.2014
Lets c if i get high ??

Ybee 13.05.2014
Do you have to store these in the fridge after if you want to eat them the next day ?

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