Ganja Budder From Vaporized Bud

Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

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Large Cooking Pot W. Lid
Tupperware container
Cheese Clothe
1oz of Vaporized Marijuana
(3sticks if u want potent budder)
2cps of Water


Now this is a very time consuming process and can be used for not just vaporized bud but regular bud as well. (I also feel its the best way to make potent budder Patience is a virtue [=)
First put your water and butter into the pot until it melts and begins to boil slightly. turn it down to a low heat so it can simmer.. mix in your vaporized bud (n yes vaporized bud still contains THC unless u smoke dirt ;).
Mix everything so it is well distributed.
Place the lid on so that the steam from the water evaporating can escape. Stir every 15-20mins for 5hrs. (or longer if its more potent bud to make sure all of the THC binds with the fat of the butter)
Next lay the cheese clothe in the strainer placing ur small tupperware underneath.
Slowly pour the mix onto the cheese clothe over the strainer.
let drip. once done dripping ring out the cheese clothe for extra budder
place container in freezer until frozen
Remove and your done..

You now have potent budder that you've essentially already got high off once because it was vaporized fist and now you get to get high off it again? NOW THAT is conservation :) And if your like me your grinder has a pollen catcher so you get high off the same bud 3 times. =) Enjoy the recipe =)
Time in Kitchen:
Number of servings:
Difficulty level: Easy
195 votes
Views: 84,811
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OptimistPrime 21.12.2014
Cool! I had heard that it was possible to cook with vaped bud, and cook the stems, so I've been collecting everything.
Thanks shadym420 for the recipe. I know a number of people who toss stems, and it makes me sad. You should include that in the recipe just so more people know about it.

tifmarie 27.10.2014
oh and to filter it I used a t-shirt, and it worked well.

tifmarie 27.10.2014
I have put 1lb unsalted sweet cream butter in with 1 oz of trim (including stems cut up short) and probably a 1/2 oz of vaped bud in the crock pot no water for... i think it ended up being 6 hours because I fell asleep. at least 5. Potent as hell, didn't need to drain any water since it wasn't there to start with. I went off of a self modified high times recipe and just let it sit on low in the crock pot forever. made probably 2 cups, and rocks my world. i didn't need to add the vaped bud, but I wanted it to be super potent. Goal achieved! Baking choco chip cookies with it as i type.

Reber 23.05.2014
Coffee filters work okay as cheese cloth in a pinch, as does paper towels, hopefully non-printed. If you are crock pot styling it the water amount does not matter. Just get really ripped and through a bunch of water, butter, choice herb on simmer. Leave for 24 hours. strain. Real stuff.

Docta-Dank 10.10.2013
I'm about 3 hours into the process, hoping for the best!

That One Stoner 28.05.2013
Is it suppose to separate like that?

That One Stoner 28.05.2013
Hey, I just made this, and the budder seems to be separating from itself. It seems like I have 1 golden brown budder-like substance and a dark brown budder-like substance.

Some Guy 06.01.2013
Alright, I've made butter from vaped weed a couple times, so i can probably add a little more instruction here.
Firstly, the amount of water is irrelevant, the goal of it is to just help get that simmer, which is what is going to leech out the THC. So add your butter, then some water, and just monitor the amount of water, if it all boils off, add more.
In terms of measurements. I've found that 25 grams of vaped weed into a pound of butter is pretty good. That will make about 2 cups of butter after all is said and done. You can use any brownie recipe, but look for one that uses about a 1/2 cup of butter per 9x9 inch pan of brownies.
Also, when you have the tupperware full of butter/water (after straining through the cheese clothe), put it in the freezer. After about 1-2 hours, the butter should harden, but the water will still be liquid. If you poke a straw through the corner of the solid butter, you can pour out liquid that is underneath. Then you're just left with the butter. If you let it freeze all the way, it's a pain to separate it.

erik 27.11.2012
does this work? i tried a recipe on here that had me simmer a quarter of vaped weed with a stick of butter for 30 min.. after it got hard in the fridge i made cookies and they had no effect. it was very potent herb, too. any suggestions?

blazingau 07.10.2012
try a stocking or filter paper if you freeze it the water should separate from the fat.

turkeylungs 27.09.2012
how much water should i use? how does the recipes call for.. or how much have people that have used this recipe used??

turkeylungs 27.09.2012
really want to try out this recipe, asap. lol

turkeylungs 27.09.2012
how much water do you use?
it doesnt say

stevie01 05.09.2012
thank,s for recipe, but their is no measure for water in recipe, other than actual recipe, not in ingredient,s,not trying to be smart*^%, just really curious on what the measurement or ratio is to butter, halh and half, sorry to ask and i can,t find cheesecloth anywhre, any idea,s.

Stephen is Stone 02.08.2012
Saving about 1G a day through out like a half O because it was cooked, if you see black in your vap weed dont add it to your batch. burnt taste is awful. be careful with your temperatures.

Relaxxxxx 20.01.2011
Can't wait to try this. Saving up! :)

SL 06.01.2011
Love this recipe!! I have done it 3 times now and all the times they have been sucessful!! my friends love it to.

CanadianHero420 12.08.2010
I have just over a qp of vaped weed going to use 2lb of butter with al of it hopefully it will make an extra potent batch ;)

LJ 31.07.2010
Thank you so much for this recipe! We had about 1 oz of vaped weed just hanging out and made a delicious batch of brownies, didn't think they had worked until we wandered to Walmart about an 1 and 1/2 later...then BOOM best high ever!! last really really long too.

vapocookies 23.03.2010
ive done the same thing with my vapes for AMAZING

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