Green Dragon

Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

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Vodka/Liquir, Weed


--Dont do this if youre already stoned...

This stuff is good, I like it.

Things you need are a pot, measuring glass, thermometer, coffee filter, and rubber band.

Uses Vodka, or any hard liquir... the higher the concentration of alcohol, the better, and about a nug of weed.

First thing to do is put the nug in the microwave for about 2 mins, which will activate the THC.

Fill the pot up about 1/4 of the way with water, and put the measuring puc inside it. Pour about 4 shots worth of vodka in the measuring cup, or how ever much you want, and put the nug in there.

Use a stove to heat up the pot, and it would be good to put a thermometer in the measuring cup to easily control the temp. You need the alcohol to be about 165 degree, and let it sit there for 20 minutes. Dont make it any hotter because alcohol boils at 173 degrees.

It is also a good idea to cover up the measuring cup with something so that the alcohol vapors dont get at as easily, because it is a fire hazard.

Stir the nug every now and then to make sure all of it is getting soaked.

After 20 minutes, take out the mearuring cup. Get a glass and put the coffee filter on it, and secure it with a rubber band. then pour the green dragon into the cup, allowing the pieces of weed to be filtered out.

This stuff is very bitter, so its good to have a soda with it. Or you can add it to other drinks, or drink it the way it is.
Time in Kitchen:
Number of servings:
Difficulty level: easy
151 votes
Views: 101,763
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roystr 07.10.2013
when i made mine,i didnt decarb,so it was kinda weak. however, when mixed with soda,,it took on a creamy texture in mouth,,sortta yukky. ill decarb next time,and still use grain alch.

idk 12.06.2013
so after i heat the thc and add it too the everclear...can i let it sit for awhile before going to the simmering proccess? Could this potentially increase buzz?

Miilllky ways 05.10.2012
U nEVEr put weed in the microwave,cus it deactivates the thc

Potbro37 05.08.2012
im using Four LOKO!!

smileyssl13 16.07.2012
how long do it stay in your system

dirtyolman 08.06.2011
what about using "shine" that pretty high proof

slicksticker 13.01.2011
I love "ButterCakes" ... lol :)

slicksticker 13.01.2011
I Love You lady... Don't know you , but i know I love you.. lol :)

Dubdog 15.07.2010
wow that sounds really cool, im definitely going to try this out

Larry Effin Malone 24.06.2010
obviously you did it wrong...
Took 56 grams of stems and ground them up using a modern food processor. We poured every bit of the ground up stems into a half gallon of everclear and let that bottle sit, unopened, for 2 months in a dark and cold environment (a closet). After the 2 months we filtered out the stems using coffee filters. The buzz is out of this world with a single shot.
Get your pot straight.

dirteernie 30.04.2010
I made this with Everclear and it was thee nastiest rottenest tasting shiite I ever had... Very bad after taste and a not so pleasant buzz...If you like shiite, you will like this.

manhunter098 17.04.2010
Seriously, chemistry 101, the only heating needed is the microwave step (and will work well without it), though bringing up the temperature of the alcohol will speed up the process of dissolving the active ingredients in the weed, its not necessary, make sure its ground up well and just let it soak in the alcohol for about 15 minutes and it will work.

tweak 03.04.2010
i totally agree with Buttercakes lol vodka and 1 nug of bud? no no no noooo my good man.

Buttercakes 15.01.2010
Hahahaha if you seriousy dont know what a nug is you should stay away from weed love!

helper 13.12.2009
it's a bud of weed.

helper 13.12.2009
You guys realllyyy don't want to cover up the jar to "keep the vapors in"
that will lead the the jar exploding if you cover it to much. Simply turn on a fan and open some windows to get air the room out. Try putting the chron in the oven at 325 for 4 minsutes to release the thc better than a microwave can.

d man 02.12.2009
it is the tip of your penis

rotnrck 26.11.2009
what is a nug?

smokinbandit 28.06.2009
If you have a vap, you should vap the buds just a little bit to where they burn and the cannabanoids in the buds are hot and you have to be quick then throw it in a jar with about twice as much alcohol than herb, shake, and wait thirty minutes

budbuster5000 08.06.2009
tintcures are better and easier and you dont evan have to wait a week just put ground ganja (3 -4 tablespoons) in a micky of hard liqour and put it in the freezer for 3-4 days and shazaam you have a tincture!

etnie 30.05.2009
I have done green dragon b4 and this recipe isnt very good Master Wu has the most in-depth guide yet. check it out.

power smoker 30.05.2009
this **** is great you should drink it ALL the time if youre into both!

BOB 08.05.2009
Is their any danger of creating something that will make you go blind and is the water needed in the intial bioling to prevent over concentration ?

420 19.04.2009
I have heard of making the green dragon by soaking a gram per 30 milliters of strong100 proof vodka for at least 10 days filter with coffee filter enjointhe bfast of champions

He said it tastes bitter. So bitter vodka. Are you a retard?

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