Hash/Kief Butter

Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

Time in Kitchen:
Number of servings: 30+
Difficulty level: Easy
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2~Pound Butter(unsalted)must be unsalted
1~Ounce Hash or Kief


Place butter into a crock pot on medium heat until melted completely.
Add Hash/Kief and stir every 10 to 15 minutes for 5 hours.
Remove from heat and place in a heat proof container(a bowl).
After it cools completely place lid on container and place in refrigerator.
After it hardens use in recipes as needed.
Time in Kitchen:
Number of servings: 30+
Difficulty level: Easy
192 votes
Views: 85,914
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koaster 16.05.2015
Just don't use salt in the recipe that you plan to make. It should be fine.

Nashish 28.01.2015
Just made the butter and realized I used salted butter. What's the difference

mike d 22.04.2014
ok Crock Pot/Slow cooker Do Not have a "medium" setting. Its High, Low, & Warm. So which is it if you are using a crockpot/slow cooker?

Gorillagrower 15.07.2013
1oz of keif!?!? Isn't that a little too much? That equivalent to like 6oz of bud

kcsmoker#legalizepot#onelove 12.04.2012
It works better if you grind it finely and add 3 sticks butter and 1 ounce medicine, boil in jar, inside container of water thats boiling and then cheese strain the particles out and then refrigerate and enjoy.

thereal420smo* 07.02.2012
how much kef to add?

luv bird 02.01.2012
ewwwwww bad for u

Budddd smoka 26.12.2011
Awesome cook book

Tealady 26.08.2011
The high you get from ingesting cannabis is more a body high rather than a pychohigh.

hot ped420 25.08.2011
does ANY of these sweet cooking methods REALLY get U HIGH? WHICH???

Dr. DUB 24.08.2011
dat sum gud stuff mon

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