Hash Yogurt

Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

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Hash oil


Prepare in a teaspoon enough hash for a decent spliff. Add a small amount of cooking oil into the spoon so that it covers all the hash. Then heat the spoon with a lighter for about 2 minutes. The cooking oil will start to bubble and become cloudy with a dark color. The oil extracts the THC from the hash and 'brings it to the surface'. When all the hash has dispersed into the oil, have a yogurt ready prepared. Dip the spoon, with its contents, into the yogurt and stir. Leave for 5 minutes to let it disperse into the yogurt, however if you can't wait that long, eating instantly is still alright. When finished, throw away yogurt carton and prepare for a trip!

1. Let the oil/hash mixture cool before mixing to avoid curdling the yogurt.

2. Use as little oil as possible so as not to impair the yogurt's flavor.

3. If you only have one spoon, let it cool before diving in!
Time in Kitchen:
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Difficulty level: average
105 votes
Views: 62,072
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Hardcore Uproar 92 07.10.2013
Shouldn´t you let the oil sit in the yogurt for a day or perhaps two 2? The more fat you mix it with the better the "high". It´s not the best taste in the world, yoghurt & olive oil, it´s probably better making space cakes!

spudato 06.09.2013
This can sometimes work better than hitting a bong, takes a bit longer to kick in as you have to digest it into your system, loads of fun though

BarbaraStreinzsen007 11.06.2013
How long does it take to be baked?

Abby 30.11.2012
how long does it take to kick in? i just made this :D

PrayAlone 12.11.2012
A tip if you dont want to hold a lighter under a spoon for a lenght of time and end up with a burnt spoon.
Buy a measureing spoon set, cost about £2, there heat resistant and you can hold it over the hob instead of pratting about with a lighter and t-spoon.
Feels more like cooking than cooking up.

whatup 20.10.2012
I have found that it smells a little, but nowhere near like cooking butter. I find that this is a great stealth way to get stoned when smell is an issue. Just do it by a window and make sure that those who you do not want smelling it are not around for awhile.
I have recently been making these with wax hash and it works really damn well. It dissolves into the oil super quick and the amount you need to use is so tiny.
I have been using this recipe for years, and yes it can work with well grinded bud. Never did think about putting it into a coffee with milk... obviously would want to let the coffee cool a bit.

Tayleee 16.04.2012
Is this gonna smell up my house?

rudeboy 10.04.2012
I use butter instead of oil - also I find that the spoon gets a layer of soot on the bottom after heating it with lighter so wouldnt recommend putting it straight in the yoghurt!
The only issue is the long time it takes to kick in (usually between 1 and 2 hours), but after that it is all good! A much deeper and long lasting high than smoking it.

Weedwacker 12.01.2012
I just burn solid , sprinkle it into a yogurt and eat lol fast , easy and defo works :)

budda 05.12.2011
Do i stop cooking it when it starts to smoke?

qwertyuiop 28.11.2011
does this works if i use olive oil instead of oil?

marvin 04.11.2011
me and my bird just done one, im whizzed off coz shes sleepy and i want a laugh and then hot you know what, the boring person.

Jimmy Thornton 06.10.2011
Have to try this, sounds great!!!
I make delicious chocolate with a similar technique...just takes a little longer.

joe 18.07.2011
for all you who are weirded out by heating up a spoon because it's like "doing real drugs," marijuana is a drug! Hello. And who cares if you do drugs. What are you, a f-ing puritan! Don't push your morals here. By the way, this is a great recipe. Thanks

soop 31.01.2011
gets one there

ex stoner 11.01.2011
doing research on current drug use for my mental health bsc, haven't smoked weed for 15 years but this sounds very tempting

EuroStones 01.01.2011
Anywhere between one to two hours.

EuroStones 01.01.2011
I learned this technique over a decade ago and every time worked like a charm. When I want to fly high I usually use between 0.3-0.5g of hash. Just be careful, more than that and you will be sleeping within few hours. As long as you get over cooking oil with spoon, I highly recommend.

c ya tues kid 17.12.2010
tastes wrong

waffle 23.10.2010
just done it, how long till it kicks in?

canadian guy 29.09.2010
Man I just did it and I'm not feelin it, been over an hour. Gay.

fitzy 28.07.2010
ur all junkies fs

Alvin Hobbs 11.07.2010
Also, would this work with pudding if you didn't have yogurt?

Alvin Hobbs 11.07.2010
Just curious, how much butter did you use?

muffin man 10.07.2010
done it for years works a treat...just keep stirring it on the spoon till roasting and when put it in the yoghart you want to feel the oil splash your hand thats it perfect...if doing a cofee use milk also superb!

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