home made thc pills

Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

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1.Olive/Vegetable oil
2.Any amount of Marijuana
3.Something to well grind the marijuana
4.Heat source
5.Bowl (something to grind and mix the marijuana in)
6.Pill Capules (empty some vitamin capsules out)
7.Small spoon


First, you prepare as much marijuana as you want as if you were going to smoke it. Then, you add enough olive oil, in a bowl, to saturate all of the marijuana. Add the marijuana to the oil. Grind the mixture for about a minute or so. Then, warm the mixture to about 100 degrees. After you have warmed the mixture, grind for 2 minutes( should be the consistancy of a paste). After this is all finished, let the paste cool down. Then, with a small spoon, fill the capsules with the paste. Take a few of these and you will be F*CKED up for a few hours (depending on how much you take. Keep in freezer for storage. Hope you guys like this, the 420 kids
Time in Kitchen:
Number of servings:
Difficulty level: easy
372 votes
Views: 268,418
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The Stoner Chef 29.11.2014
Hi DNealWinchester, I've posted your comment, but only to allow discussion on the topic - as this medical research paper outlines, "The minimum lethal oral dose for dogs for THC is more than 3 g/kg. Although the drug has a high margin of safety, deaths have been seen after ingestion of food products containing the more concentrated medical-grade THC butter."
The full article is at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23796481
This is also worth reading:

DNealWinchester 29.11.2014
I know it asks not to insult others, so I'll do my best not to, but I have to put in my two cents worth to The Stoner Chef. THC is NOT toxic to animals, it's very beneficial to them as well as it's to us humans, they have the same endocannabinoid system as we do, it helps rebuild our nerves when they're damaged and has been proven to kill cancer and other abnormal cells through apapstosis, those cells literally commit "suicide" while allowing healthy cells and bacteria to thrive within our bodies. What should we do when our pets get into our edibles? We allow them to ride it through and have plenty of water ready to slack their cotton mouth and smile knowing that the THC is healing their bodies of whatever they may have, just like THC heals our bodies :)

freeman 19.11.2014
I'm guessing this is Celsius 100°c=212°f

The Stoner Chef 13.11.2014
Hi 420247365
Sorry to hear about your dog.
Please read this article - www.thestonerscookbook.com/article/2014/07/22/what-do-i-do-if-my-dog-eats-cannabutter/
Please note that THC is toxic to animals :(

420247365 13.11.2014
I would like to make these to treat my 50 pound Siberian Huskey. She had surgery but is still considered terminal. We love her some much. My hope is to inhibit the reproduction of cancer cells. Am looking for a dosage that I can give her that works but doesn't get her high. Please help animals deserve to be pain free too.

katb 10.11.2014
Complete activation in edibles reliably occurs if the cannabis infusion has been heated to 212° F for 90 minutes. Heating less than this or at a lower temperature may result in partial activation.

The Dude 28.08.2014
Raw weed/THC needs to be heated to 170-200 degrees F for approx 45 mins for the THC to become active or more active.

The 420 toker 14.08.2014
And chovihanni I've heard that too apparently there is something in the cell structure of a mango that enhances the effects of THC only found that out the other day haha

The 420 toker 14.08.2014
Is that degrees Celsius or farenheit?

chovihanni 24.07.2014
Eating mangos before or during smoking or ingesting seems to enhance my buzz. Any comments on this reaction?

Abby 21.07.2014
Please tell me about its effects

Dyne 04.07.2014
Can't wait to try this!

grannya 25.06.2014
Great recipe! As I only ingest...main reason being for osteo arthritis symtoms such as pain, giving a calm sense of safety with PTSD and healing for my body, these are the necessary "pills", I take everyday.
My method is a little different in that, my mixture is cooked in a hot water bath for approx 40 hrs. Another variation is use of hemp oil. Way to go guys!!!!

The truth 17.06.2014
Follow ninjacandace's recipe, that is the exact perfect recipe. Follow it perfectly and they will knock you off your feet. Hint: I use coconut oil

Ben Johnson 31.12.2013
Can you ingest hash if it is in capsule form? I would think it would be concentrated better than mixing the buds. There are plants with higher THC than others like White Widow.

azdgaf420 11.04.2013
i have capsules from the dispensary can i turn it back into a smokeable paste or something and would this hinder the affects
and please only if u know what yer talking about respond i know a lot of ppl think they do but i dont want to ruin what i have

Dr. Oswlvck 06.04.2013
the does NOT need activated. clearly you idiots out there don't understand how the endocannabinoid system works. you googled how pot works or some stupid thing like that to seem smart and you just look like morons to people who actually have a degree on the stuff. just stop posting. you look worse and worse because all but 1% of the info out there is WRONG!! you make people who smoke look bad.

Harry 18.12.2012
Celsius or Farenheit? (the temperature)

stoner 01.12.2012
how long do you leave it on the stove?

Motivation 07.11.2012
Do you know how many milligrams of Dronabinol is the equivilant of smoking a few bowl hits? I have 5 mg capsules for pain but its only 1 capsule 3 times a day and that really doesn't do it like smokin it. Should I cook them into food?

Bud-dy 05.06.2012
Marijuana flowers must be heated or dried. Chemically, it needs to lose one O2 covalent bond to activate the THC. So eating raw weed is a waste. Distillates of this kind, hashes, oils, etc all use heat to release the O2. Just like chile oil is more spicy than a raw jalapeno, THC distillates are more powerful than the flower. Some people don't process the chemical as well through the stomach. Some people just don't know how to read or cook, but this recipe is definitely effective.

Irish1420 25.01.2012
Okay iam a long term marijuana user, i have been using marijuana for pain, recently i was diagnosed with a painful bone disease, i have been eating marijuana and the taste is not something that i enjoy so with this very easy receipe i have been enjoying eating marijuana without the taste and enjoying life a little better. Thanx;)

Keening 18.01.2012
Its for the people who need alternatives to smoking it, lung diseases worsen from smoking, period, but its still important to relive the pain and eating cooked Mary Jane or THC cap is way better route then prescription pain killers.

harvest moon. 29.11.2011
you all are so funny. if you want to get baked them what happened to smoking it. is it true that ones body absorbs more thc if you eat it.

Okay 28.10.2011
Be careful not to take too many! I took one once and had to stay in at my friends house while they all went out & hit the town.. I was hallucinating & ending up getting REALLY sick...

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