Jailhouse spread

Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

Time in Kitchen:
Number of servings: 3
Difficulty level: Easy
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Top ramen noodles ( cilli or beef )
Potatoe chips ( doritos or chilli cheese fritos )
chilli beans


boil water, heat up chilli beans in seperate pot, mix noodles, 1 spoon full of mayonaise, chips and ramen flavor pack mix it all im together and enjoy
Time in Kitchen:
Number of servings: 3
Difficulty level: Easy
40 votes
Views: 30,033
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The Stoner Chef 27.06.2014
Not all recipes on this site contain pot - some people like to eat munchies when stoned that don't contain weed :)

BritishnStoned 27.06.2014
Theres no pot involved in this :(

monsterknucklez 28.01.2012
six packs top ramen six hardboiled eggs summer sausage pepperoni mixed with mayo add ur spices like salt or what ever you perfer sprinkle your cheetos or fritos on top

toastrphace 27.11.2011
also i forgot, you need to add (before you add the water) somewhere between half of the seasoning packs for the ramen and all of them, to taste.

toastrphace 27.11.2011
no no no thats not how you make spread at all!
what you need is ramen (usually knock off brand unless other is available), fritos (ditto), velveeta cheese powder (spicy if available), jalapeno peppers from the trustees in the kitchen (usually paid in soups ;) sometimes we got real onions too ), instant beans and an empty chip bag
1. get an empty chip bag, fill with crushed ramen
2. add about 1/3-1/2 the bag of powder cheese
3. about 2 bowls of fritos (crushed or not, can substitute other available chips...doritos etc)
4. slice your jalapeno with your id
5. put it in there as well
6. put in some beans (they will blow up huge)
7. add enough 180 degree water to saturate it enough so you can mix it
8. once all the ingredients are well mixed add enough water that everything you put in can expand to its max but no more (too little is better than too much)
9. seal your chip bag and wrap in a towel
10. lay on a bed and wrap in a sheet (this is for insulation, it will keep it hot longer and cook better)
11. about an hour later come back unwrap it and enjoy your spread!

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