Leary biscuits

Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

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sliced cheese
peanut butter
ground cannabis


leary biscuit

A method of orally consuming cannabis. Made by placing the weed and cheese on a cracker and heating it in a microwave or oven to get the cannabinoids out of the cell walls of the plant. we cannot digest the cellulose so the heating is necessary and thc is fat soluble so it will get mixed in with the cheese. It is commonly a cracker, a slice of cheese on it, and the weed on top, however some people put an extra slice of cheese on top of that. There is also a variation where peanut butter is substituted for the cheese. It all goes in the microwave until the cheese melts. Let the Leary biscuits cool a couple of minutes before serving with hot tea or coffee
Time in Kitchen:
Number of servings:
Difficulty level: average
150 votes
Views: 66,023
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BaMf 02.11.2013
Guys!!!....just sprinkle that shiz on a pizza! y'all m'f*ckers can thank me later. POT PIZZA, son! same deal without the cracker. Go get it.

ChefKind 09.07.2013
Using this method absolutely does not produce a placebo effect. Disregard the person who said that. Even a small amount cooked correctly will produce a surprisingly intense buzz.

potttttttttttttt 15.12.2011
I just made this killer macaroni. IT was inspired by munchiemoo and DO It . i took a cracker put a slice of colby jack, then some herb, and then a slice of butter, and then another saltine covered in salted butter and then covered the whole thing with mac and cheese.

munchiemoo 13.09.2011
just made a leary cracker. took a ritz cracker, spread one side of the cracker with real butter evenly. sprinkled weed all over butter. placed one more thin layer of butter on top of weed. covered with a sliced piece of cheddar cheese. microwaved for 15 seconds (the cheese was melted), Placed one more cracker on top. Ate it. waiting on results

Chef Budenstein 24.04.2011
This recipe is iffy. Microwaves don't really work well for the heat/fat extraction. An oven preheated to 320 degrees is ideal. Use the ground herb and peanut butter. Bake for 22 minutes. There is an excellent detailed recipe if you search for "firecracker recipe". Peace out. Oh, as for real versus placebo: if you cook it right there is no question the effects will rock your world so be careful how much you consume...effects don't set in for an hour or so.

jojohnson13 11.03.2011
are you kidding me. it says untill the cheese melts. and the level proably doesnt matter since it relies on when the cheese melts

DO IT 15.02.2011
It ain't no placebo! If you do it right you won't have any doubts what you are experiencing. I like using saltines. Cover with a slice of sharp cheddar and cover that with some crushed up greens. I like to cap it with another slice of cheese and another cracker - I think sandwiching the greens in cheese prevents it from burning. Pop it into the oven at 250-300 until the cheese starts to bubble. Enjoy.

Matías 14.01.2011
im confused, the guy at the top says it's only works as a placebo, one guy below says worthwhile effects, watf?

drinkYOmilk 02.09.2010
only way this works is placebo effect...give somebody a pill and tell em its gravy baby and they believe the mind trip...juss sayin

shltstalnwayne 20.04.2010
how long and what power level in the micrwave

LSDXMDMA 10.04.2010
Great tasting with worthwhile effects from a little bud.

amylou1975@ yahoo.com 09.01.2010
I like my treat's this way: Make a smore's treat, as you normally would out by the campfire, except smear peanut butter on the graham cracker first. Placed crushed up bud over the p.b., top with chocolate square then the marshmallow on top. Microwave until you can smell the bud, being CAREFUL NOT TO OVER COOK THE BUD.

confused 29.10.2009
how do you know when the peanut butter variation is ready? when the peanut butter melts?

budbuster5000 09.06.2009
Bloody good recipie. I like to put sliced meatballs in mine. BEST MUCHIES GOING!

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