Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

Time in Kitchen:
Number of servings: 20-25
Difficulty level: Medium
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1/4 cup canna butter
1/2 cup light corn syrup
3/4 cup sugar
And a few drops of food coloring
Lollipop sticks
Lightly greased cookie sheet
1 quart pan and candy thermometer


Add butter, syrup and sugar together in 1 quart sauce pan.
Boil ingredients to 270 degrees and check temp with candy thermometer.
Once at 270 add food coloring and turn down heat.Layout lollipop sticks on greased cookie sheet leaving room to pour suckers onto them.
You can make the suckers as big or small as you want just be carefull how much you eat ;)
And be carefull about the sucker mix that is boiling it hardens pretty fast so have everything ready.
Time in Kitchen:
Number of servings: 20-25
Difficulty level: Medium
482 votes
Views: 254,264
Submitted by:
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jewell212 08.07.2015
I need help! I have tried this recipe as well as a couple of others with minor variations i.e using jello and/or different temperatures etc. I have canna oil instead of butter. Every time I try to make these lollipops the oil doesn't mix with the rest of the ingredients. Please help! Thank you!!!

Momma Larson 07.06.2015
Can you tell me with this recipe how much koolade do I use?

MetalHead75 30.12.2014
Good recipe. I took other people's suggestions and cooked the syrup & sugar to 300 degrees before adding the butter. I then added cherry jello for the flavoring which also helped the butter to mend with the mixture better.

alkylhalide 16.12.2014
So I spent the past month working on this recipe and finally got it to work. So first we decarb the weed and use SALTED butter and make canna butter as per the instructions . from here we make the candy as followed--- 12 C corn syrup, 34 C sugar melt on medium low and bring to a boil(keel consistent temperature). Cook to 300F and remove from heat. Let cool to about 260F and add the flavouring. I then wait a minute to add the butter... As soon as I add the butter I add approx 1tsp of Lecithin to it and start incorporating the butter and lecithin. You have to be careful as the lecithin will only dissolve So much So you need to add the right amount to make it work. Fortunately the lecithin is tasteless and you can't notice it if a few pieces are still in the candy. I made about 10batchs all different ways till I tried this. Lecithin helps bond the water molecules in the sugar with the oil molecules in the butter.

in this recipe with only 1/4 cup CB, unless it's uber-ultra-super each pop won't pack much of a punch. i suggest replacing the butter with a few ml of concentrated hash oil. oil recipe below. now for some cool points, candy flavoring is on amazon for literally a few dollars per batch.
2 cups sugar
2/3 cup light corn syrup
3/4 cup water
1 dram flavoring
do everything this recipe says, except go to 300 just like foxy suggests. when at 300 take off heat, wait until temp drops below 275 to add oil, any flavoring, and anything else (e.g. citric acid).
hash oil how-to: instead of taking a zip and turning it into CB, take that same zip, chop it up and add it along with 1/2 a 750ml bottle of everclear to jar A. shake, soak for 10min. use coffee filter to strain into jar B. add plant matter back to jar A, add rest of bottle, mix again, filter liquid into jar B. at this stage you now have "green dragon". go outside, pour jar B into rice cooker, slowly cook off alcohol. should yield 1 - 3tbsp. suck it up into baby syringe.

Bugkila 14.12.2014
This recipe is amazing & it had brought me a ton of joy being able to help ppl in pain with a little sucker! Personal experience is its better with coconut instead of butter (mixes better with no oil on top when done) & with flavor oils (my favorites are coconut to go with base, & cinnamon!) I make 12 suckers with this recipe so each sucker is 2-3 doses. I was hoping someone could give me the nomenclature for explaining to someone how much THC is in this recipe using the cannabutter recipe as foundation?

jssemas 23.11.2014
I make candy all the time. crack stage is 300 that's why the butter is on top of candy the temp is not high enough, good luck

Foxy 20.11.2014
I haven't made these yet, but I am a pastry chef. I think a candy thermometer is a must and I would heat it up to 300.

JuJu 17.11.2014
I had same problem as MeatbalL420. Came out like taffy. Butter seemed to only be on top. Going to try again today. Any suggestions???

MeatbalL420 16.11.2014
This recipe didn't work, butter never infused to the candy, the candy has a very bitter taste, and I kinda feel like theres more to this recipe that isn't here.

brollitto 28.10.2014
thank you for posting this!!! both my parents have issues with their backs and dad has high anxiety. hoping these will help them both. needed to switch somethings up and couldnt stand making brownies anymore.

CollegeBakes 27.10.2014
does this work with coconut canna oil?

jdawg 14.09.2014
I made my cannabutter on sight and added it to the mixture while it was still hot, at first the butter didn't infuse. I worked my way up from low to high heat and as the sugar started melting it mixed without separating.I mixed in a koolaid pack right when I was removing from heat, poured them in a ice cube tray and stuck them in the fridge over night. They taste just like jolly ranchers with a buttery weed tint be careful with the koolaid a little goes far. I could not be happier with my product :D

jdawg 14.09.2014
I used a watermelon koolaid pack right when I was taking it off. I poured it in a ice cube tray, and they taste just like jollyranchers with a buttery weed tint. Be careful using the koolaid, a little goes far. I couldn't recommend it more ;)

oldstoner 24.08.2014
hey anyone this is my first time making these lollipops so I've read all comments now I'm worried about the butter separtrating when one of u say put equal amount alcohol is it equal to water base favoring u use??

Bernie 07.08.2014
Wow I can't wait to try the lollipops

Snickelfritz 13.07.2014
Dude, you totally f**kin' rock for posting this. I've been wanting to make these for like forever but didn't know how to do it exactly. See, I love making all kinds of sweets(cookies, brownies, cakes,etc.) but no one ever taught me how to work with melted sugar in order to make candies, ya know? So again thank you SOOOOOO much. :D

Chimommi 19.06.2014
thanks for sharing this recipe..Suckers..are favorite edible. this recipe is very easy..again..thanks

lanigirl 06.06.2014
Im going to try this with my veg glycerine, as opposed to butter.

lanigirl 06.06.2014
You can add flavored oils or kool aid powder. Oils come in soooo many flavors. They work better than extract, and a little goes a LONG way!

sarge1 02.06.2014
I made this recipe with my mom who suffers from ovarian cancer for the past 9 years. Instead of making lollipops we made hard rock/crack candy and instead of pouring the liquid on a greased cookie sheet we covered the cookie sheet with confectioner sugar and then poured the liquid on that. We made a watermelon and lemon flavor and both came out really good. Not only does my mom suffer from the side effects from the chemo treatment but also the pain the cancer causes. She also suffers from insomnia while in treatment. My dad also has a herniated disc in his lower back and experiences such pain that it's hard for him to sit down or even lay down comfortably, which in turns he also suffers from insomnia. After the candy was cooled down and we broke it up into pieces, they each had a piece, for the first time in a long time my parents were able to get a good night's sleep and the effects lasted up to 5 hours, which they were able to get 5 hours of relief from their symptoms. This was really easy to make, the only thing that we will do differently next time is add a little more of the candy flavoring because the lemon had more of a "weed" taste in some pieces. The cannabutter did separate some while cooking the liquid but once the liquid was poured onto the cookie sheet it spread out evenly. I am very thankful for this website as I was able to make something with my parents that would help them get relief from their symptoms and we plan on trying out more recipes. ~ Jennifer

hippychick 15.05.2014
mine keep coming out more like taffy so someone told me to raise the temp to 300 degrees

Candyman 24.04.2014
Whitey. Start your heat at a lower temp to begin with and gradually get the mixture to medium heat. You can also try adding a little more corn syrup to the mixture to help incorporate the butter better.

Whitey 14.04.2014
So I've tried to these suckers 3 times and the butter keeps separating from the candy. I know some1 said add equal part vodka but that's not working either unless I'm not adding enough vodka. Any ideas on how correcting this?

Rufflez 26.03.2014
Try using bho instead of cannabudder. just remember to decarb it first and dont add it in untill the end when you add flavouring

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