Marijuana ice cream

Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

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2oz skunk
vanilla/strawberry/chocolate ice cream


get a tub of any flavoured ice cream and leave it out over night to melt.
get your 2oz and chop it finely.
mix in with ice cream.
let freeze until solid.

nice with baileys poured over...mmmmmmmmm. x
Time in Kitchen:
Number of servings:
Difficulty level: Easy
122 votes
Views: 60,036
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PoPEyE707 25.05.2014
lol youre joking me right? let the icecream melt and then re-freeze it? lol NO. cook 2 OZ of skunk into butter... make sure to double boil to avoid burning the butter... an d then yea that could possibly work... but not a good idea your better off making your own icecream from scratch lol thats just lazy. trichomes will not tear your stomach lining nor will cannabis leaves or buds lol where yall hear that from? its one of the most healthiest things in the world you can eat.

isthatgirlserious 11.11.2013
don't listen to that dumb hoe that said trichomes tear your stomach up raw cannabis is healthy.

the guy 16.08.2013
and i agree with grugalugs

the guy 16.08.2013
this is terrible waste of time and bud. are you kidding me you have to activate the thc before you can just put it in ice cream

vman 25.06.2013

Vman 25.06.2013
This is a terrible recipe, you have to cook the bud to activate THC first of all you cant just eat it, and you also can't just refreeze completely frozen ice cream! It will just be like a solid ice block, ice cream needs to be fixed as it freezes in order for it to more than just sweetened frozen milk! Terrible terrible awful recipe.

BlueDreamGirl420 01.05.2013
Eating raw cannabis flowers is REALLY bad for you. the crystals can actually tear your stomach lining..I was going to share this page but after seeing this recipe decided against it. MEDICATE EDUCATED!

popit 07.10.2012
thats so gross dont eat weed it taste nasty

grugalugs 11.07.2012
melts some hash down into some chocolate and make some chocolate ice cream from scratch. or just grab a tub of ya favourite ice cream, melt some hash down with some butter and brown sugar to make some caramel, and then pour it on ya ice cream WOO!!!

Steelzy 11.07.2012
Would be alot better with hash or keif as it could get through more of the ice cream and be more potent, less chunky

puttyhead 27.01.2012
ew eating actual weed is gross, can we think of some way to render the ground but into the milk fat of the cream instead?

Yoda 16.01.2011
uhm, yeah, uncooked ganja will NOT make you sick, leaves or buds, I know this because I have eaten it MANY MANY times, both fresh and dry. you sir fail at being a stoner/cannibis user/whatever you wanna call it. you should educate yourself before you speak, or type.

mr weed 19.12.2010
of cure you should do it now

thegini 24.09.2010
Screen the darn pot put it in a water bong and smoke it. I don't have time for it to cook, what am I Chef Boyardee

wweeeeeeed! 18.09.2010
Good idea..i will try it!

j 18.09.2010
what do you think.should i smoke it or cook that sh...

j 18.09.2010
i never try it. should i

Q. 18.09.2010
Just roll one and then eat the ice cream! Q.

HighGuy5AM 07.08.2010
you are the man SABSY

Big F 18.07.2010
See you know what your talking about! I knew the right way when i heard it ? I heard you cook it down with organic food glycerol

jay smokezem 22.03.2010
just grind up the bud take out the sns and mix it in with the ice cream when its frozen.

anon 09.02.2010
The fat content in milk extracts the thc heating it up will speed the process but soaking the ganja in the milk in a very cold fridge for as long as possible would work as well you do not need to head thc to get high this is a myth

harbalicious 22.01.2010
you need to make bhang first (look it up)...then cut that with heavy whipping cream and then easy and be careful

bocce 15.01.2010
dude, the best way to make weed ice cream is in two cups of heavy cream and two cups of sugar seap the buds (that is let them soak in the heavy cream on a very low heat or simmer) for one to two hours. You want the sugar to dissolve in the heavy cream. The longer you soak the buds the more THC you will extract. Then you want to strain the buds and heavy cream. Bring your mixture down to 32 degrees F. Throw in an ice cream maker and add your own ingredients. Done and Done.

lovelymaryjane 29.11.2009
i make cannabis ice cream all the time and the way i do it just the way you guys do it put it in a slow cooker for two hours lit cool and use a ice cream maker heavy whipping cream is the best use vanilla and pinch nutmeg cook your fruit until its make its on syrup and then add to your ice cream you must prepared all the ingredient before starting your cannabis icecream also add just a cup of your choice of milk even eggnog these thing will hide the taste which mint help too but its up to you on flavor

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