Marijuana Tea / Weed Tea

For centuries, many have wondered is it possible to turn marijuana into a tea form? Our answer is yes. Here it is for you.

This recipe uses BUD BUTTER / CANNABUTTER - See the recipe here
Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

Time in Kitchen: 10 minsP0H10M
Number of servings: 1
Difficulty level: Easy
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1 Tea Cup
1 Tea bag
1 Teaspoon of bud butter / cannabutter

Scale ingredients by 1 for each person


  1. Add  the 1 tsp. of bud butter / cannabutter and tea bag to the cup.
  2. Boil the water and pour it in
  3. Let the bud butter / cannabutter fully dissovle.
  4. Remove the tea bag, add milk (optional), and consume

Tip: You can add mint or any other herbal tea flavors to enhance the taste. 
Time in Kitchen: 10 minsP0H10M
Number of servings: 1
Difficulty level: Easy
3,899 votes
Views: 2,590,684
Submitted by:
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  • Contains marijuana


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ants 21.07.2015
And a little bit of honey

ants 21.07.2015
Just straight hot water and the amount stems leaves bud thc you want ever drink it hot warm or cold your cchoice :)

Tina P 17.05.2015
I learned the hard way to make Tea with cannabis. If you have stomach problems you can use just the leaf, stems and trimmings. All you start with is water and product. Boil then steep as you would with regular tea. When made this way there is no THC removed from product. Let it cool completely then add sweetener or flavors. This can be given to anyone and their tummies will feel better quickly. If you add anything to the product and water when boiling it will pull out the THC and will get you messed up! I learned this all completely by accident. Never tried using cannabutter! @ Michaelmann Try making a tincture using Food grade gliceryn.

Michaelmann 08.03.2015
Question. I suffer from Chronic Pancreatitis and fats oils and butter are VERY dangerous for me! What can be used that doesn't involve fats, oils or any type of alcohol or spirits? Any ideas folks?

Tlc edibles 05.03.2015
This is a perfect recipe. I've used this technique in the past and while the butter floats on top a bit the taste is fine and it'll start to hit you before your cup is finished. Easy doesn't mean bad. Very effective and ready in no time.

Indigo 'n dye 04.02.2015
Well! Silly me...I simply use a couple of teaspoons of well cured leaf/buds, steep it for ten minutes in just-short-of-boiling filtered water and sip on the fragrant brew to settle my horrific anxiety related to chronic pain.
Works for me.

sunjass 20.12.2014
In the past I've always taken leaf and boiled it up with organic full cream milk and some chai spices for 45 minutes, strained it, squeezed out the residue and put the thick marijuana cream into ice-cubes then added them to chai, coffee, tea whatever. One cube was plenty. For some reason, all of a sudden the mixture tho not changed, nor has the source - it's way weaker than before. I've read about decarboxylation. Will this make the mix stronger if i decarb the leaf first?

Toasted 02.12.2014
How do I store this?

Rino 30.11.2014
I live in colombia and I think the whole country is about to legalize for medical. I own a pretty nice tea ball and at the moment I'm thinking about putting some butter and ground up herb in the ball and then maybe some coca tea with a little making soda to activate it plus some other stuff for flavoring, possibly the local firewater too. Any reason this won't work?

pimpn 12.11.2014
Followed recipe then added cannamilk. A Christmas blend and added a candy cane. Was amazing!

trotter 09.11.2014
I made tea with tangerines orange tea and not only does it taste awesome but also has a great mellow buzz....the wife and I love it

Lucky420 28.10.2014
I use BHO in my tea and coffee with a splash of milk, do not need much a lil dab will do and i feel the effects quickly

kushboy 28.10.2014
I heard u can just put steams in a bit of hot water and then put tea bag in a cup of hot water then poor the water with steams in

candyman420 28.10.2014
thats the worst idea..and its oily 2 drink..if u wanna do it right...make a tincture add any tea bag done

GanjaMan10 28.10.2014
Use THC if you have no butter

Jephro 28.10.2014
Might as well just eat a teaspoon of cannabutter and chase with your favorite tea.

AnnaJohn 23.10.2014
Does it taste good? The tea must be oily.

Cobe 16.10.2014
Years ago when I was in my teens my mom used to make weed broth chicken soup.She would boil good size stalks for a couple hours,then remove stalk and add your vegetables,chicken or whatever. Then ENJOY!! Awesome on a rainy day when you've got the winter flu.
You won't care after a bowl(of soup) :)

rooney 05.10.2014
I find one teaspoon is too strong. No pain but wow what a buzz :)

Cupcake150 09.09.2014
I use the stems. I boil them in water. Add a little honey and sip away.

Kanute 17.08.2014
Can I use the weed that's used for smoking up instead of cannabutter????

Galen 15.08.2014
I would like to clarify something. Do I decarboxylate, then use that result in the Butter recipe? I just want to do it right the first time.

minor skunk blazer 27.07.2014
First thing to do tomorrow morning coz it's cold here In south afrtica it's winter season

ThirdDay 26.07.2014
I have been making tea for years now with just the trimmings and other tea flavors. I boil for about 40 minutes and steep till the pot of tea is gone. No butter or oil (just cant do it). There is an oily film over the tea and a cup or two will do you fine.

LaDyCaKeS 07.07.2014
All sounds awesome,. but i found, while growing a plant,.. to take all clippings and steams from the plant (Thats if you dont want to keep it or have harvest again) and with it all being moist, grind into small pieces and place in a cheese cloth and tie it closed. Toss that, and your choice of tea bags into already super hot almost boiling water.. leave on for about 5-10 minutes on med/high heat. Then turn off and STEEP for how ever long. Depending on where you live,.. Ive made this as a gallon and added sugar before it became too cool. Enjoy. A coffee cup and a half got me blazed out of my mind. I think it all has to do with the freshness. **

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