Mighty big marijuana muffin

Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

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Difficulty level: Easy
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1 jar any flavor jam
1 cup of butter
1 box of any muffin mix
2 oz of primo Bud
follow all the directions on side of the muffin mix and ingredients


prepare a batch of muffin mix as you would, with the 2 oz of finely chopped bud mixed in put in either oven or crock pot (we used a crock pot but it has to be a big one)
let cook for 15 to 20 min. with the middle just a bit moist add the 1 cup of butter and as much of your favorite jam as you want and enjoy.
Time in Kitchen:
Number of servings:
Difficulty level: Easy
75 votes
Views: 52,269
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brk 05.12.2013
$400 worth of weed for 12 muffins?

Chefsplff 13.02.2013
must be some pretty weak weed cuz 2 ounces of my buds would put you into a coma (no offence) where in the world is that weed coming from and what strain

greenthumb123456 10.12.2010
if you used 2oz in sy like 2 boxes of muffins would they still be potent of corse were using some dank.

pothead 09.02.2010
you dont actually put bud in food. you grind it up and mix it with butter and use that butter to cook with. this is the only way because thc is lipid solluble and will not evaporate in the oven.

chaos 19.11.2009
if you dont like it dont make it we like to use a large amount of bud. to each his own..........................................

stoner 08.09.2009
2oz is nothing all you need to do is get any recipie and add some bud..Its not rocket science, even for a stoner!!!!

chronic 08.08.2009
i was thinking the same...its not 2oz of weed its rock nd its a 10er 4 7 gramm...so its not actually that bad n i wud se put an oz in 12 buns it dunt leave a bitter taste inya mouth n put weed in the icing they turn out pukka :)n a nice complimentary cuppa tea n spliff goes well wiv em :)..,xX

the poster 30.07.2009
we had quite a few people over the day we made it

candygirl 28.04.2009
if you don't want to use two oz, then set aside some batter you'll use to put weed in.

MurderFace 17.03.2009
two entire ounces for some muffins??

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