Pot Hot Chocolate

Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

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Difficulty level: Medium
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.5g Finely Ground Cannabis (decarboxylized)
1 Cup Whole Milk
1/2 Cup Light Cream
1 Serving Hot Chocolate Mix


-Decarboxylize the Finely ground Cannabis in an oven or toaster oven. Pre-heat oven to 270 degrees fahrenheit. Bake on a sheet of tin foil for 15 minutes. (This is to convert remaining THCA into the psychoactive THC) The Cannabis will steam and smell during this process but that is normal. Also it will turn brown, which is also normal.

-Mix the Whole Milk and the Light Cream in a pan on a LOW heat.

-Add the Finely Ground Cannabis.

-Simmer for 30 minutes. If the milk boils a little, dont worry, just take it off the heat until it cools down a little then put it back on.

-Strain into mug and sqeeze out the cannabis to get all the milk out.

-Add Hot Chocolate Mix.

-Add any floavoring you like- (a little almond extract while simmering is a nice flavor and the added alcohol will dossolve some THC)

Drink on an empty stomache for full effects.
Stronger Cannabis = stronger high.
It takes me 3 hours to really kick in (and it DOES kick in), so wait before making more.
Time in Kitchen:
Number of servings:
Difficulty level: Medium
158 votes
Views: 241,263
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Heisidhenakoshdndns 27.10.2014
I've tried this lots of times and it has NEVER worked once, all I get is an intense buzz right after making the cocoa, then it goes away and I feel nothing the rest of the night, what am I doing wrong? :(

809Queen 19.03.2014
What is the shelf life of decarboxylized cannabis? Can I do a batch and use as needed?

waterbearer85 06.07.2013
Does using the weed in a vaporizer the same as putting it in the oven?

bry 31.03.2013
If you add a little sugar the outcome is very delicious! I was glued to my bed the whole entire day!

Janes my name 14.03.2013
Oh and I use 2 grams of bud.

Janes my name 14.03.2013
I think this is a great recipe, although I changed it slightly, decarb for 5 minutes at 200, decarb at 220 for 5, then at 250 for 5, remove, add to hot milk and heavy cream. Add 1 tbsp of vanilla extract and simmer for 30 mins. After that's done, remove from heat, cover and continue to let steep until cool enough to drink

kev 19.01.2013
Worked well, pretty mellow, but think it may have been the weed i had. Tasted nice tho.

kev 18.01.2013
Wanted to try this, but ound i had no milk or drinking chocolate.
So have used 1/4 cup of milk, 2 knobs of butter and 1/2 a bar of chocolate, also 2 shots of JD for good measure.
If will get back if it turns out good. if anything it should be a nice drink :D

Zoot 26.12.2012
I'm a daily smoker, I usually smoke flower as well as BHO dabs. I fallowed all the temperature and time instructions to a T, but I used double the weed and used heavy whipping cream. I drank it and stared feeling it thirty minutes in, it got stronger and stronger for three hours I couldn't believe it. Im five hours in now still baked. Amazing recipe

Stoner 22.12.2012
It says at the bottm if it is hydro u dont need to decorboxilate or whatever. im not i like the idea of adding cream though, i was just gonna use whole milk. glad theres such a good recipe out there!

Rb 15.12.2012
Supposed to release the thc I guess.

HoustonGreen 11.12.2012
I want to make this saturday before my flight and every website i go to doesnt say to put it in the oven. What is the perks to putting it in the oven?

Dani 23.11.2012
I just made it a few minutes ago. 130c in the oven for 10 minutes. 20 minutes of boiling. It taste really good. Can't wait to see what happens.

RoRoRosy 24.08.2012
Hey Love the sound of this recipe but I don't want my parents to smell the weed while its baking so how long would it take for the smell to leave my kitchen?:)

RoRoRosy 24.08.2012
Hey Love the sound of this recipe but I don't want my parents to smell the weed while its baking so how long would it take for the smell to leave my kitchen?:)

scotty 25.04.2012
this is probably one of the trippiest highs i have ever experienced. my lung collapsed about a year ago and i have been searching for different ways to use marijuana. i have pretty much tried almost everything and this is one that i use alot when im out of butter.

none 22.01.2012
How do you make it with shake?

sprint 16.01.2012
i didnt feel anythinggg?/:

hmmm? 12.04.2011
okay so i tried this recepi about an hour ago and ended up smoking cause i got tired of waiting. i was thinking maybe it didnt work cause i noticed the fat in the milk collected at the bottom of my pan and also in the strainer. could that cause it to not work? and to remedy it should i just stir constantly?

none 10.12.2010
its 12 30 i just drank er down followed the recipe exactly will return my results by dinner

Mary Jane 23.10.2010
You should all read this. It will clear up the confusion of temperature.

Hadj 15.03.2010
How about with solid? I made a similar recipe last night with some hash and it worked pretty well, i would say i was flying fer about 2 or 3 hours.

Goose420 02.03.2010
You probably would want to avoid the microwave imo. Doesn't heat evenly and no true temperature control, you're trying to turn THA into THC which involves using gentle heat 130-230 degrees C, if you go too high you ahve a chance at vaporizing the THC and having nothing left in your greenery. Some of the biologically active compounds in pot begin to vaporize at about 130oC while others at alittle more than 200, so maybe sticking around the 170 mark might work best, but I cooked at 270 and got rocked. Plus you're going to be cooking in milk/cream as well which will also add some heat to the green. hope this helps :)

Doc CoCo 16.01.2010
cud u warm up the pot in a dish covered with suran wrap and nuke it a while then pour it in sum spiced rum?

cooking queen 11.11.2009
if you decarboxylate you week at a tempature of 150F for 15 minutes you have no chance of curning your weed unless you forget about it but people becareful if your over 200F yur playing in dangerous cooking quarters

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