thc oil/resin

Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

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weed (any old scrag / leaf will do)
isopropyl (available at chemist)
coffee filters
2 jars
boiling water
a bowl bigger than the jar


i know this techicaly isnt a recipe but can be used in cooking
put weed in jar fill to above the top of the weed with isopropyl put lid on jar and leave in dark outside for 24 hours
then filter into second jar using coffe filters put jar with isopropyl in bowl filled with boiling water leave to evaporate.
what you are left with is a sticky smokeable resin nearly pure thc
if you would like it thinner leave a slight bit of isopropyl and put in an air tight container job done
Time in Kitchen:
Number of servings: n/a
Difficulty level: Easy
45 votes
Views: 40,173
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Random Stranger 16.11.2013
Use 99% iso, it completely evaporates.

TheWeedNerd 02.10.2013
DONT USE ISOPROPYL! that stuff is nasty definitely has other stuff in it besides alcohol the thing to use is EVERCLEAR or grain alcohol

smoke dogg 25.06.2013
ha ninja ya mad thats some nasty sh#t ive heard of people smokin it but its filth

hmmmmmm ninja 30.04.2013
can u make thc oil with resin u scrapped from inside your piece or bowl?

smoke dogg 20.03.2013
warwick theres no smell to it when its nice and pure your nuts

Warwick 05.03.2013
My friend does it with 94% alcohol that he buys at liquor store.....lota trim in it...u por it in the cofee filter after to take out all of the trimn thats now useless.....not to keep the resin or stuff....wuts in the filter u dump it...keep wut gets through....make it boil slowly in a cup heater...and now then u get real puure thc oil...and it smells better than with isopropyl alcohol .....its thing i smoked that got me most high with 1 drop.....u gotta try it!!!

smoke dogg 13.01.2013
billy goat yer i do that extraction aswell and to be honest the coffee filters dont capture barely any resin but if your that botherd just re-use the filters next time and you shouldnt have a problem

nicklbag 05.12.2012
Seems to me the filters would capture at least some of the resin. Why not use a fine screen/strainer instead?

hot ped420 25.08.2011
sounds too easy to be a bona fide method of finding your 'happy place' using weed. sum 1 PLEASe confirm this works!

Billygoat 13.08.2011
Take a 3 inch dia. PVC pipe 10inch long cap one end than stuff with weed cap other drill a 1/8 inch hole in both ends hold pipe with a good glove spray in 2 cans butain in top hole honey oil comes out bottom hole evaporate butain you have pure honey oil

Ali 21.04.2011
The the States we call this the pharmacist. Isopropyl is just rubbing alcohol...I also see this done with ever clear a lot.

5698 19.04.2011
where can you find isopropyl? like whats chemist?

bilbo 19.04.2011
thats frigging awesome dude works realy well anybody know of any other ways??

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