Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

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1 fifth of hard alcohol
1/8-1/4 of herb


Grind up your weed decently fine then add it to your hard a(i use 151).
let the mixture steep (covered) for a week to a month shaking it twice a day to mix up the solution take the cap off of the bottle to release gasses once a day,
after steeping for long as you want strain out the excess plant matter through a cheesecloth squeezingf the extra juices out

http://www.cannabis.com/growing/cooking-how-do-i-make-a-marijuana-tincture.html check out this site for better or more detailed ideas and ways of making it
Time in Kitchen:
Number of servings:
Difficulty level: easy
175 votes
Views: 121,512
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Terri200 05.10.2014
My husband and I prefer not to smoke and we use for medicinal purposes only. Per our Doctors advise, we were told to use tincture and I didn't know what tincture was. I found a couple recipes and actually found it very easy and cheaper to make my own. However, the recipe I used for making medicinal alcohol tincture called for 1/2 oz. of good decarboxylated cannabis per one cup of 151 Everclear.

Noella 10.12.2013
The vapor point of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids actually runs between 246-435ยบ F.

Colleen 01.08.2013
I think the discrepancy between 190 and 350 is a miscommunication between 190 celcius and 350 degrees farenheit. 190c equals 374f. So everyone is right!

Fortuna Redux 03.05.2013
I find a vegetable glycerine tincture is much better than using Everclear or other grain alcohol. Better for your body and gives you a little more flexibility in what to use the finished product in. This can be used for any medicinal or culinary herb,and is especially nice for bitter ones (think Valerian).
Simply add the CORRECT amount of plant material (Disclaimer and warning, I will take no responsibility for anyone else following these tips. Knowledge is power, use it wisely. Check with a creditable herbalist for medicinal recipes ratios, and be honest with them about what you are using. It's very important with many herbs to know this in order to avoid achieving a level that can take a plant from healing levels to toxic levels), add enough Vegetable Glycerin (available in bulk at many food co-ops and natural food stores, as well as online)to cover the finely chopped plant material by an inch or two in your crockpot or heavy bottomed pan, and keep it just below a simmer. Don't let it boil, unless the recipe specifies that, some herbs need a higher temp to release their active components. Once again, do your homework first. Stir occasionally, let it sit on the heat til it seems right to you, usually 24 hours, but watch the color and taste it occasionally. Feel the plants to determine if they are tapped out.
So here's a synopsis:
Research your herb, and find toxicity levels.
Pour enough liquid Vegetable Glycerin to cover material by an inch or two.
Let it come to just below a simmer, or higher if the particular herb calls for it.
Stir occasionally and let go from 12 hours to whatever feels and looks right to you.
Pour into sterilized jars, and refrigerate if you want.
Look for recipes that call for sugar syrup or replace sugar with tincture (it's really sweet).
Enjoy the fruits of your labor!
I think this would be great in gummi bears or fruit leather.

Panda 08.05.2012
As far as cooking temps it varies upon the product. The max temp for cooking with oil is 350, but with butter it is half that.

BLAZE TILTON 24.04.2012

nunya 03.01.2012
U can cook weed up to 350 degrees. Guaranteed

riftman9000 23.12.2011
im making tinxture alot of it different hold times for each bottle. 151 malibu rum

AceOfSpace 08.12.2011
To the guy that keeps insisting that you cannot cook medibles above 190 degrees.....you are absolutely wrong about thgis

G*PA 30.10.2011
Obviously y'all don't know very much about the temperature characteristics of the kif and or finds.... The various active components definately have a point of vaporization, and oxidation (burn point).
Get that data, and cookin' anything is, "piece o cake" no pun intended.

Sleepy time dream 24.09.2011
1 cup med/fine ground trim to 1 cup butter on low for 8 hours. Strain and squeeze out with 2 layers of cheese cloth.
Use cannabutter per box recipe for a double batch of brownies.
GREEN DRAGON: 1 OZ ground trim to 1/5 of 151 rum for 1 month. Keep in cool DARK place. Shack once a day. Wear rubber gloves. Strain trough coffee filter, and squeeze out remainder.
To 1/4 of a brownie, spoon on 1 teaspoon of Green Dragon and eat. This is one strong dose for pain/sleep.

northernMItoker 14.08.2011
I'm going to use 4 grams of bud finely ground and let it soak in a mason jar with 3/4 cups of 151. maybe even less depending on what will fit in my dropper. i want it to be POTENT

hippie 04.08.2011
this tincture. to weak.. you need more bud than that. or your wastin time.

bob 18.06.2011
i add a little agave nector and 2 hops for beer making bitter ones good luck

d15m4tl3d 17.06.2011
thanks all been looking for a good tincture recipie so I can make my own rock candy hopefully the alcohol one works for me if not i at least get a good green drink right lol

Blunton 11.06.2011
Im making brownies wit tincture oil. Im new to the whole tincture experience and am not sure how much oil to add. The recipe calles for 2/3 cup of oil. Do I put that much in? because one drop pretty much gets you high...kinda ify!!!

smokey 05.05.2011
who can take a mars bar..... split it into two!!! cover it in chocholate and chewy nugget to!

smoke dogg 12.04.2011
go to away with the fairies for all your butter needs

habbo50 12.12.2010
yo can i just put like 3g of ground bud in 151 and w8 a week with out cooking it or anything to get tottaly ripped?

Artemis 09.11.2010
THC vaporizes at 380 degrees, so keeping the oven temp below this is important. Microwaving is NOT recommended! Less than five minutes at 325-350 oven (since most oven temps are not accurate) is sufficient for the heat-activation phase

Sweet Leaf 17.10.2010
Ummmm, We cook our brownies and cookies with canna butter and Hash Oil at 350+ degrees ALL THE TIME and get "Knock yur socks off" results. Baking at 350 degrees will not ruin your thc. Proven fact !!

molly lou 28.05.2010
how do you make it taste good i finished my first tincture with everclear and it tastes terrable can i add a small amount of sugar and candy flavor to it or will it ruin all my hard work??

Mrs christies 09.05.2010
Howard, how much weed do you use in your butter? any tips?

rockbox 03.03.2010
try rice krispie treat recipes one of the care givers i know makes them and i cant taste or smell the mj

howard 03.03.2010
actually ... you can heat it past 190 ...the "burning" everything off after 190 is a myth... i bake all the time and usually heat my oven to 350 ... And get a great end result.

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