Weed Soup

Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

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1 tin of tomato soup
2 tablespoons on butter
1 gram of finely ground bud (or more depending on how much you want to use)


1. Empty the tin of tomato soup into a bowl

2. Pour in the finely ground bud and stir

3. Put the Butter in and stir alot

4. Put bowl in microwave for 2 minutes

5. Take out and stir

6. Put bowl back in microwave for a further 1 minute and 30 seconds

7. take out, stir and leave for 5 - 10 minutes

8. Enjoy with some bread and butter.

This is the nicest thing you'll ever eat, if you have some nice bud anyway.

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Time in Kitchen:
Number of servings:
Difficulty level: Easy
73 votes
Views: 44,547
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bigsmoke 23.01.2012
cook the bud into butter or oil for 30 to 45 minutes then strain and use it in a recipe

heyhey 12.01.2012
watcha sday

some mad kid 21.11.2011
does this actually work neone whos tried can did you microwave or stove?

viki7883 14.11.2011
I added two grams of chronic weed to Habitant Minestrone soup (796 ml or 28 oz) Stirring often on a medium boil for 45 minutes. I split it with my boyfriend. The high was incredible and it lasted 5 hours. No kidding!
It took about 45 minutes to take effect though. DO NOT MICROWAVE WEED!

vcoolbuddy6 22.06.2011
want to try nw dnt no,hw it works

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 03.04.2011
ummm noo

hi butter 11.11.2010
boil all your stems and trimings in a big pot for an hour then add 4 cups of butter let the butter melt in it then take the complete mixture off the stove put in frige . when butter is solid enough take it out and put it in a sealable container put that in frige for tommorrows toast or muffins . you will like it and enjoy the best breakfast .

Tokey 22.10.2010
I would melt the butter and bud in a pan. When it's all melted and mixed add soup.

briface 13.06.2010
huh. . . i tried this once when i was a n00b stoner & wasted a dime on some campbell's chicken noodle soup d: i'm pretty iffy of trying this again. . . . how long/good was your high? oh & i used the stove too. .

Midnight toker 20.04.2010
It works happy 420

smokeycee420 25.03.2010
i will try that right after i smoke a blunt i eat the soup and feel really at one with myself.

Axefileld 12.03.2010
Hey man I've read that microwaving weed breaks down the THC somewhere too. for maximum effect I'd probably heat it slowly on the stove until it was the right temperature. Takes 30 seconds to wash out the cookware you used..

Casual stoner 26.09.2009
I've been trying to find other simple ways to get high. This sounds good but will I get as high as i would if I smoked a joint?
I would just try it and find out but I hate and really can't afford to waste.

oregonbound 11.09.2009
do you have to use tomato soup? or any kind of vegetable soup?

NinjetteDL420 05.09.2009
Wow this is a great recipe and D.A.R.E, i got mine taken out too about 3 days ago and thus i am on here figuring out a nice recipe to get stoned

Fweedom_Fighter 22.07.2009
Hey i have some recipes very easy to make.

Anon 07.07.2009
I don't believe this would work at all. If anything do it over a stove top for about 20-30 minutes, I've been told many times Microwaves don't work for baking with weed and that it actually destroys THC.

notmehh(: 03.07.2009

D(rugs)A(re)R(eally)E(xpensive) 28.06.2009
Does this actually work? Just got wisdom teeth taken out... Can't smoke. This just seems to easy to be true!

budsmoker 11.06.2009
ha that was really nice, i am mega high right now!

budbuster5000 09.06.2009
that was bloody good!

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