Weed Toasted Sandwich (possibly the simplest and most efficient way to eat weed, and totally discrete)

Learn how to decarboxylate your weed before cooking with it, for the full psychoactive effect!

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Number of servings: 1
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-A sandwich toaster (this is a must)
-1.8 grams worth of weed, as dried and finely ground as possible
-Two slices of white bread
-Garlic butter
-One teaspoon of pesto
-Two slices of peperoni sausage
-Cheddar cheese sliced accordingly


Okay guys, I 'invented' this recipe though trial and error trying to uncover a simple, efficient, discrete and above all tasty way to eat cannabis. It's also a great usage for that sandwich toaster, or 'toastie' you might have sitting in the back of the kitchen cupboard collecting a layer of grease, particularly for readers from the UK, South Africa and Australia. For those readers in the US, where I gather that sandwich toasters aren't so popular as the notorious 'grilled cheese', I'm sorry to say that I would highly doubt that a sandwich cooked in a pan or grill would have the same effect as one cooked in a 'toastie', simply because the ingredients are not 'sealed' into the sandwich in the same way to allow heat to build or lock in the THC.

The recipe would not necessarily have to be followed word for word, however, for best results it should be because I've found this exact method works the best. The measurements for the amount of weed can be changed, 1.8 grams is simply how much standard strength weed you tend to get in generous £10 bag. You could go less, you could go more (I wouldn't see why though, because the recipe is so efficient that you get much more bang for your buck). Cheddar works well as a cheese because it contains the most fat, which is actually what the THC is activated by whilst cooking. The garlic butter, pesto, and peperoni aren't essential, I suppose. However I included these components since they add all important fat and oil content, as well as mask the smell for discrete cooking and fits the flavour of the weed to make it much more palatable.

Okay, let's get started. Toast your two slices of white bread (because it toasts far slower than brown, and therefore allows longer time to cook the ingredients inside without burning) in a toaster on the very minimum setting first. Then, spread each slice of the toast with some garlic butter. Place the bottom half of the bread in the toastie maker with the butter facing outside, down onto the grill of the iron. Now, slice your cheese into four flat triangles that would fit into the two diagonal sections of a toastie, then place the two bottom slices of cheese onto the bread, followed by a smear of pesto, your weed, then the peperoni slices, finished with an additional slice of cheese. Place the top slice of bread over your creation again the butter not facing the filling. Carefully push down the toastie-iron over the sandwich, switch on the heater and allow to cook for twelve minutes (three or four times longer than typically recommended but just long enough not to let the bread begin burning). Temperatures inside the toastie will reach over 100 degrees Celsius. Once the toastie has finished cooking, allow an additional five minutes for the content to cool and infuse further. The recipe works best on a completely empty stomach (as in, not haven eaten in preferably 24, or at least 12 hours), I'd recommend a cup of black coffee and a multivitamin to help you get through the day. Once consumed, avoid eating anything else for at least one hour.

Bon appetit!
Time in Kitchen:
Number of servings: 1
Difficulty level: Easy
51 votes
Views: 41,373
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that guy 29.12.2013
does this really work and would it work even not on an empty stomach?? ive never eaten weed eithout extracting the thc but your saying just put it in the sandwich and chow away on the buds to?

The dude 27.11.2013
Hey im a noob when it comes to edibles but will this recipe dank up my house or just the the toaster?

So mush readin dude's.. i don''t eat for day

420_Chef 10.07.2012
Dude, have you ever had a hungry moment in your life? :P Take my word for it; if you consume weed-infused goods on anything short of an empty stomach you ain't gonna get your money's worth. C'mon, it's so worth it, twelve hours no food is nothing, think of it as eating nothing three hours prior to going to bed, and then one hour upon waking up.

vccookerie 08.07.2012
Who doesn't eat withing 12 to 24 hours prior. Get real...If that's the case, you should get a better plan for your daily diet. Be real.....a good high is great, but feed your body.

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